Attention Curvy Ladies: Lululemon Isn’t the Only Choice for Yoga Clothes

Most women (yogis or not) don’t look anything like the models that clothing companies display their collections on — and, sadly, yoga gear is often not designed to flatter a curvy silhouette. So if you ever found yourself putting those yoga pants back on the shelf because they squeeze in all the wrong place, read on. Our friend Melanie has investigated some brands that offer a flattering fit for all shapes and all sizes:

Mainstream advertisers often tell us two things:

  1. Be fit and beautiful.
  2. Love yourself however you look.

Does anyone else have whiplash or is it just me?

The fact of the matter is that society, especially clothing companies, make it really hard to do both. I want to be healthy and love my curves, but that’s really hard to do when the only stylish workout clothes I can find aren’t typically designed with curvalicious women like me in mind. Isn’t there someone who understands the women they are supposed to be designing for? The average North American woman wears a size 14 not a 2.

Wait. What’s that noise? Angels singing? Yes my curvy friends, it’s ok to relax and ease out of that warriors pose, because our cries have been heard. Behold this list of yoga clothing brands that AREN’T Lululemon!



Beyond Yoga
Beyond Yoga is an inspirational clothing line started by Jodi Guber Brufsky. As a full figured yoga instructor and life coach she was desperate to find clothing that she could feel comfortable and confident in. When her search turned up empty she decided to take matters into her own hands. Today, Beyond Yoga creates clothing for all body types and focuses on design that keep all body types comfortable. Beyond Yoga features soft durable fabrics and elastic free waistbands that won’t dig or roll down.

Lucy is a fun and driven clothing company that prides itself on creating amazing clothes for every body. The designers at Lucy have spent a lot of time researching and testing their clothes, and the materials that go into them, to ensure amazing fit and feel. All of their testing was done with real women representing real body types, not mannequins with padding tacked on. Their sizes go all the way to 3XL because they understand that all women are movers and shakers regardless of size.

Alo Yoga
Founded by two ballet dancers, Alo Yoga is a company committed to providing beautiful and fully functional active wear that is available in more than just an XS. With a strong focus on the modern woman’s need for versatility, their yoga wear can easily move from a morning practice to an afternoon of running errands and even a night out on the town. Alo Yoga focuses on providing the highest quality product with the most versatility.

Nina B. Roze
This line of yoga and active wear was designed by Nina B. Roze in an effort to create a “feminine movement” in athletic wear. Designed to embrace and empower the woman who enjoys staying active and looking really good while she’s doing it, Nina B. Roze created the HeartButt ™ design which makes every woman look good, coming and going. This yoga wear collection is functional for the hardest workout yet pretty enough for the best Sunday brunch.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga

Hot Chakras Yoga
Made in a small factory in San Francisco, Hot Chakras Yoga has made it their passion to find the best quality materials that are soft and light while still durable enough even for the toughest practice. And with sizing up to 14 and four-way stretch fabric there’s something for almost every curvy woman. Best of all, the founders of Hot Chakras Yoga claim their clothes are so lightweight and comfortable that it “almost feels like you’re naked”.

This list makes me feel like maybe the Lululemon’s of the world just might not be taking over. At least not with companies like the ones listed here and the many others that are fighting the good fight. These clothing companies are proving through their awesome yoga wear collections that it really is possible for us to want to be healthy and love our curves all at the same time.

Do you have any favorites, or perhaps know some that we missed? Let us know in the comments :)


Melanie Nathan
lives in Edmonton, Canada. She’s an entrepreneur and writer for Huffington Post. She enjoys all things tech and internet related… and she’s a huge fan of yoga, kale chips and silly dog memes (not necessarily in that order). Connect with Melanie on Twitter to learn more.