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Help, I’m a yoga teacher – and so is everyone else!

If there’s one word that makes a yogi feel uneasy, it’s ‘competition’ – and we’re not talking about the annually debated Yoga Asana Championships. We’re talking about the fast-growing amount of competition in the yoga teaching world.

David La Spina for The New York Times

David La Spina for The New York Times

According to the latest 2016 Yoga in America Study, for every yoga teacher in the States, there are currently two people doing a yoga teacher training – and another two who are interested in doing so. Comparative statistics for the rest of the world aren’t readily available, but if other American trends are anything to go by, the rest of the world is following suit shortly. Continue reading

What Every Yogi Really Wants to Know

No, it’s not a healthy eating recipe. It’s not about the proper breathing technique while you’re in One-Legged King Pigeon Pose pose. And it’s got nothing to do with the secret of life, either. It’s something very simple: WHERE and WHEN will you have your next yoga experience?

Yoga Teacher

Every day on YogaTrail, hundreds of messages are sent to yoga providers, asking them for their schedule. And we get it: a yoga directory is kind of cool but not really useful unless you can see people’s schedules. So (finally!) we’re introducing this feature – and we hope that it will empower yoga teachers in particular.  Continue reading

For Yoga Teachers, by Yoga Teachers: Interview with Pamela Nixon

Pamela Nixon runs TeachasanaJudging by the comments on and popularity of some of our previous posts on YogaTrail, a number of people reading our blog are yoga teachers or are thinking about becoming a yoga teacher in the future. So, we thought: what better way to get some useful info about being a yoga teacher than to go to that place where a lot of yoga teachers hang out? That would be Teachasana. We interviewed Pamela Nixon who owns and runs, and here’s what she said: Continue reading

Your First Yoga Class

(photo: Lauren Rudick in lotus on Yoga Poses)

Lately we’ve been writing a lot about things that are more interesting for yoga professionals. Marketing, social media and the ‘on the ground’ experience of new yoga teachers. But last week on Facebook, we asked people how long they’ve been practicing yoga and, as it turned out, many people were really new to yoga – or even just about to start! So, swinging to the other extreme, to provide some encouragement to newbies and to come back to basics, we’ve put together this piece for wannabe yogis. We hope it’ll help those of you who are about to embark on your (hopefully very long) yoga journey. Continue reading