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Trailblazer: Rachel Zinman

Teaching Yoga in Byron Bay, Australia

Rachel Zinman

We’re delighted and honored to bring you this next instalment about Byron Bay, Australia, written for us by Rachel Zinman, a true Trailblazer in every sense of the word. Rachel lives between Byron Bay, Australia and Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, teaching workshops, retreats and trainings internationally. So without further ado….  Continue reading

Trailblazer: Kathleen Charles

 Teaching Yoga in Brisbane, Australia

Kathleen Charles on YogaTrail

Kathleen Charles is a yoga teacher who specializes in teaching yoga to children. She recently moved ‘down under’ and now plies her craft in Brisbane, Australia. Here’s an interview with her about the yoga scene in Brisbane, and what it’s like to operate as a yoga professional in a place where conservative Christian groups can react to yoga with considerable resistance… Continue reading

Trailblazer: Johanna Siskar

The Yoga Scene in Peru

Johanna Siskar is a yoga teacher who divides her time between Hood River, Oregon, and Mancora, Peru. In 2006, Johanna and her husband Gary created a yoga and healing resort on the beaches of Mancora, Peru. It’s called Samana Chakra, a fusion of native northern Peruvian heritage, yoga, luxury, and peace.

Johanna Siskar

My Yoga Story

I was a personal trainer working with special populations and people coming back from injuries. Back in 1997, it seemed like every other doctor recommended yoga, so I went to take a yoga class Continue reading

Trailblazer: Monica Stone

Teaching Yoga in Orlando, Florida

This week, Monica Stone gives us a snapshot of the life and work of a yoga teacher in Orlando, Florida. Without further ado…

Monica Stone

My Yoga Story

A major transition occurred in my life, career, and relationships. I was feeling lost, so I started searching for something healing and healthy in my life. I took a look at yoga in the area, and felt an intense draw towards Ashtanga Yoga. Continue reading