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10 Awesome Yoga Festivals for Summer 2014

Yoga Festivals

As summer is just around the corner, we thought it might be nice to showcase some of the wonderful yoga festivals that will be taking place around the world in the coming months. These are not the usual suspects (like Wanderlust & Hanuman) – so take a look and see if you’ll be nearby one of these. Never been to a Yoga Festival? Go – they’re fun!  Continue reading

7 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Yoga Workshop or Event

Yoga Class

Today’s blog post is by Ken Immer, a yoga teacher and writer in Charleston, South Carolina. Thanks Ken!

So, you’ve been teaching yoga for a while now. You’ve attended lots of workshop and trainings. It’s time to host your own yoga workshop or event! But how do you do it? Who is going to come? How to get the word out? What should you charge?

These are all important questions, and there are many more. Organizing a workshop or event isn’t Continue reading