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Trailblazer: Kathleen Charles

 Teaching Yoga in Brisbane, Australia

Kathleen Charles on YogaTrail

Kathleen Charles is a yoga teacher who specializes in teaching yoga to children. She recently moved ‘down under’ and now plies her craft in Brisbane, Australia. Here’s an interview with her about the yoga scene in Brisbane, and what it’s like to operate as a yoga professional in a place where conservative Christian groups can react to yoga with considerable resistance… Continue reading

3 Easy Ways to Play Yoga With Your Kids

Yoga Kids

Many of you yogis out there have children – but do you practice with your children at home? Why not? Yoga is a passion of yours, right? It brings you peace and happiness, makes you feel good, and for a good many of you I bet you would describe yoga as life changing. And yet, we tend to keep our practice all to ourselves… while you’ve got the most enlightened of beings, the perfect partners, the most natural little yogis ever to exist, right there with you in your very own home: Your kids. Continue reading