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It’s here! The Yoga Dudes 2014 Calendar

Cover Yoga Dudes

Mr. December: Alexey Demin in Bryansk, Russia

Ladies and Gentlemen: after more than a month of getting everyone fired up about Yoga Dudes for Movember, and seeing thousands of people playing along in the contest, the Yoga Dudes 2014 Calendar is finally materialising at the printers.

There were over 800 submissions by very beautiful people (97% male) doing some beautiful yoga in some very pretty spots — so it must have been extremely difficult to choose just 12 pictures from the lot. Thankfully, that wasn’t our job, but that of Robert Sturman, who wrote us: Continue reading

Namastache – it’s Movember! (We’re All Yoga Dudes Now)

Marque GarauxHave you noticed? In the past few weeks, there’ve been a lot of articles, posts and tweets out there that are about men and their yoga. OK, we admit it, we’re partly to blame – YogaTrail has been fueling the fire a little… But for years now, people have been asking themselves: why does yoga appeal mostly to women? While there are some nice theories about that, there really is no obvious answer. There can’t be any good reason for it because, believe it or not, not that long ago yoga was pretty much “all male, all the time.” Continue reading

Finding Your Yoga Niche as Yoga Teacher: Yoga Dudes

Vincent Bolletta in Auckland, New ZealandYoga teachers (and actually anybody starting a business) are often told that in order to succeed, they should find their niche. We do think that’s good advice, especially these days, when there are a lot of yoga teachers out there, and a lot of yoga styles for people to choose from and get into. While that’s a great thing (yoga = good!), it also means that: Continue reading

The Benefits of Yoga for Men

Man Flow Yoga

The world will undoubtedly be a better place when we can get more guys into yoga. And we’re not just talking “better for the guys doing the yoga” – but better for everyone… That’s why all of us at YogaTrail are going to play what part we can to encourage men to take up yoga in 2014. We’ve started already with the Yoga Dudes series, and in the coming weeks and months you can look forward to more… here’s a guest post by Tara Heath, a new writer friend of ours.

The Benefits of Yoga for Men

Many men are of the mindset that in order to lose weight and “get ripped”, they have to lift tons of weights, work out for hours on end while sweating excessively, and suffer through Spartan war-like contests of will and endurance. While this approach to getting fit may be effective, it can also lead to stress and anxiety, and it isn’t always the most enjoyable experience. Continue reading