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The Habits of Yogis in the Wild [infographic]

Yogis Acroyoga NatureIn early 2015, YogaTrail ran a world yoga survey to get a better picture of the global yoga community. What are yogis around the world up to? What motivates them to go to class, where do people practice, and what role does yoga play in their lives? Well, many thousands of yogis have answered the call, and below are the results of the World Yoga Survey, along with a nice infographic!

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Which Yoga Style is Right for You?

If you’ve never tried yoga (what are you doing here?), odds are that you will at some point. But whether or not you’ll keep at it after the first couple of sessions depends a lot on whether you’ve stumbled into the ‘right’ class. For any other health or fitness activity, things are usually pretty simple: you can basically walk into any gym and be confident that there will be a treadmill and some weight training equipment – by and large a gym is a gym.

But yoga is not like that. Yogis (and yoginis) are very particular about the kind of yoga they enjoy – not just any will do. It’s not surprising, Continue reading