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Reviewing Yoga Reviews


Remember how you started yoga? Perhaps some friends told you a little (or a lot!) about how amazing yoga made them feel. And then you probably asked your friend a few questions: what’s the teacher like? Do they explain things a lot, or do I just try and follow what they’re doing? What if they ask me to touch my toes and I can’t? Will I have to chant stuff?

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Reviews and Ratings for Yoga: Can They Make Any Sense?


The idea of “star ratings” for hotels first surfaced in 1958 when the Mobil Travel Guide launched its star rating system for weary travellers to find a nice room to spend the night. These days, it’s gone way beyond hotels and on the Internet. Everywhere you look, it’s “Web 2.0”, and you can find user reviews and ratings for every conceivable product and service. All the stuff sold on Amazon has ratings and reviews, and there are countless review sites for books, movies, music, restaurants and coffee shops, etc. You can even find sites to rate your doctor or university professor. Continue reading