It’s here! The Yoga Dudes 2014 Calendar

Posted by Alex K., on December 5, 2013
Cover Yoga Dudes

Mr. December: Alexey Demin in Bryansk, Russia

Ladies and Gentlemen: after more than a month of getting everyone fired up about Yoga Dudes for Movember, and seeing thousands of people playing along in the contest, the Yoga Dudes 2014 Calendar is finally materialising at the printers.

There were over 800 submissions by very beautiful people (97% male) doing some beautiful yoga in some very pretty spots — so it must have been extremely difficult to choose just 12 pictures from the lot. Thankfully, that wasn’t our job, but that of Robert Sturman, who wrote us:

“Holy sh*t! I just looked through the images. They are SOOOOOOO good. It will not be easy. These dudes got immensely poetic.”

Thanks for doing the hard work Robert, and thanks so much to all the wonderful dudes who sent in their pictures. You’ve all been wonderful, you’ve helped a great cause, and you’ve made this Movember very special!

Limited Edition

Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for your yoga friends, or you’d just like to have something delightful to look at on your wall in 2014 — remember that the proceeds from the sale of the Yoga Dudes Calendar will benefit the Movember Foundation. So order your calendars now:

Yoga Dudes 2014

And, if you really want to be awesome, consider reselling the Yoga Dudes calendars out of your yoga studio – you can sell them for any price you like…

Mr. January, February, March…

And now without further ado, feast your eyes on the 12 gorgeous photos to grace your wall in 2014:

January Yoga Dudes

Mr. January: Alexander Ltivak in Brooklyn, NY, USA

February Yoga Dudes

Mr. February: Paul Graham in Nice, France

March Yoga Dudes

Mr. March: ZenZ in Doha, Qatar

April Yoga Dudes

Mr. April: Alex Price in New Orleans, LA, USA

May Yoga Dudes

Mr. May: Betterton Wallace in Manchester, TN, USA

June Yoga Dudes

Mr. June: Silvio Lopes in Curitiba, Brazil

July Yoga Dudes

Mr. July: Finlay Wilson in Dundee, Scotland

August Yoga Dudes

Mr. August: Jon Rippe in Washington DC, USA

September Yoga Dudes

Mr. September: Christophe Cappon in Gaspesie, Canada

October Yoga Dudes

Mr. October: Dustin Jones in Campbell, USA

November Yoga Dudes

Mr. November: Alessandro Lizza in Rome, Italy

Let’s hear it for the Twelve Dudes of 2014 (please leave your encouraging comments to them below). Namastache! Here’s another order button so you don’t have to scroll back to the top:

Yoga Dudes 2014