Making Money as a Yoga Teacher

Tree Pose

Money doesn’t grow on Tree Pose!

Erin Aquin has been teaching yoga a long time. In this guest post she writes about that all important taboo that yoga teachers love to hate and hate to love: $money$. Take it away Erin!

New teachers or people who are considering a teacher training often ask me if it’s possible to make a good living as a Yoga Instructor. Many yoga teachers will fire back with a definitive “no, it is not!” But I disagree: it is possible. Certainly, there are things in the yoga world as it exists today that do make it difficult, but with the right tools you can earn a comfortable living by teaching yoga… Continue reading

The Class Guru – Your Personal Yoga Menu

Yoga Class GuruTrue or False? When you drag yourself and your mat half-way across town to your favorite yoga class, only to find out when you get there that there’s a substitute teacher, you’re not in a state of bliss. We’re guessing: ‘True’. A recent survey about the Habits of Yogis in the Wild totally confirmed what you already know: it’s the teacher, stupid! Your yoga teacher is why you go a particular yoga class… but keeping track of him/her can be difficult. Well, this week YogaTrail is launching the ‘Class Guru’ to help. Continue reading

The Habits of Yogis in the Wild [infographic]

Yogis Acroyoga NatureIn early 2015, YogaTrail ran a world yoga survey to get a better picture of the global yoga community. What are yogis around the world up to? What motivates them to go to class, where do people practice, and what role does yoga play in their lives? Well, many thousands of yogis have answered the call, and below are the results of the World Yoga Survey, along with a nice infographic!

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10 Tips to Organize a Successful Yoga Retreat or Holiday

Yoga RetreatMany yoga teachers dream of taking a group of people to a beautiful destination to teach them some yoga while enjoying a relaxing and wonderful holiday. What better way to make money and have fun whilst doing what you love? If you’ve been contemplating running your first Yoga Retreat, here are 10 tips to get you started by Vidya Heisel, who’s got tons of experience:

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When Teaching Yoga Takes Over Your Own Practice

We’re delighted and honoured to bring you a guest post by the wonderful Esther Ekhart, a yoga teacher of over 20 years and founder of, Europe’s largest online yoga studio. Esther does more than just practice the asanas: she’s passionate about the philosophical teaching of yoga, and in her classes, workshops and teacher trainings across Europe she provides a wonderful mix of both. Here’s an important reflection for yoga teachers about the unexpected consequences of too much demonstration during class, and the real underlying causes behind this… Take it away Esther! :) 

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