Silvia Romani

Milan MI
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Ha praticato Hatha Yoga prima con Beatrice Calcagno poi con Maurizio Morelli. Dopo aver approfondito la pratica dello Yoga in gravidanza (anche sulla propria pancia, con 4 gravidanze) ha intrapreso un nuovo percorso che l'ha portata, attraverso una pratica dinamica dello Yoga, a conseguire, prima in Italia, il diploma di Istruttore certificato di Budokon Yoga con Cameron Shayne.
Appassionata di Arm Balance e Handstand, ha praticato anche con Andreas Loh, Stewart Gilchrist, Shana Meyerson e Meghan Currie.
Nel 2015 ha partecipato al Teacher Enhacement di Elena Brower a Londra.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Semplice, chiara, generosa

Queste sono le qualità di Silvia quando insegna. Capisci cosa fare, come farlo e con la certezza lei ti guiderà passo passo nel tuo percorso nel mondo dello yoga con generosità assoluta.

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The power of semplicity

Silvia is a really particular person. When you get to know her you feel that she has that pure inner peace of those who are in peace with life and death. All of her yoga is enjoyable and challanging at the same time, you want to practice wit intensity and smile? Go to Silvia, she won't make you chant, pray or meditate in silence but you will experience dharana, dhyana and eventualoy samadhi in every drop of sweat and in every breath of the practice. Must try!

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experienced and poly-dimensional

i had the lucky experience to be tought by silvia during an instructor training course. it was an absolute pleasure to work with her warm-hearted and "hands-on" approach. also during challenging exercises, she kept the scholars up with her gentle and motivating nature. she is a real teacher, complete and compassionate.