Teaching Yoga

Resources for yoga teachers to plan and run inspiring and targeted classes

Thinking About Yoga Teacher Training?

You’ve been practicing yoga for some time, and you’re now considering taking the leap to train to be a yoga teacher. But maybe you’re still unsure if it’s really the…

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Shy Yoga Teacher: How to Overcome Self-Doubt

Maybe you’ve recently started teaching yoga. Teacher training was great, you’ve studied the Sanskrit names of the poses, and it was easy to create yourself a beautiful yoga teacher profile…

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Teaching Yoga For Men: Mindset and Adjustments

Yoga practice among men is on the rise. That’s thanks to promotional efforts by various yoga companies, the increased use of yoga in professional, collegiate, and youth sports to prevent…

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When Teaching Yoga Takes Over Your Own Practice

One of the most important ingredients for teaching yoga is to have your own strong and regular practice. Being a good teacher means, among other things, creating an environment in…

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