YogaTrail Academy Contributors

  • Alex Klein

    Co-founder & CEO at @YogaTrail. Entrepreneur, physicist, gymnast.
  • Amanda Kingsmith

    Amanda Kingsmith is the host of the M.B.Om podcast, as well as The World Wanderers podcast. She is a yoga teacher, traveler, and a lover of tea who is passionate about helping yoga teachers discover careers they love, while making a sustainable living.
  • Brooke Nally

    Brooke grew up in a yogi household and started teaching yoga at the age of 18. She loves to teach fiery asana classes, but what she truly loves teaching people is how to activate their subtle bodies through Himalayan kundalini techniques such as kriya, breathwork, mantra, chi, and meditation.
  • Cailen Ascher

    Cailen Ascher is a Clarity Coach for women entrepreneurs who want 3 day workweeks, 6-figure years + success on their terms. Get her 3-day workweek guide on her website. Connect with Cailen on YogaTrail
  • Dean Pohlman

    Dean Pohlman, RYT in Austin, TX, is the CEO (and Yoga Beast) at Man Flow Yoga, which helps men realise yoga’s benefits with a no-frills, physical approach. Find Dean at his website, Man Flow Yoga, or on Facebook, YouTube, and of course on YogaTrail!
  • Erin Aquin

    Yoga Instructor, founder of AquinYoga, author of 'Elemental Yin Yang Yoga' and 'The A-Z of Being a Successful Yoga Teacher'. Helping others discover the Yoga of thriving. Connect with Erin on YogaTrail
  • Esther Ekhart

    Esther Ekhart is the founder of EkhartYoga, Europe’s largest online yoga studio, featuring a mix of yoga styles from Ashtanga to Yin Yoga. Membership to Ekhart Yoga gives you unlimited access to over 900 yoga and meditation classes, pranayama, tutorials, lectures, teacher resources, articles, recipes and more. Connect with Esther on YogaTrail
  • Jennifer Barcelos

    Jennifer Barcelos is an attorney, a yogi, a mother, and an entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the Namastream software platform and the Soulful MBA course and community. She’s working everyday to disrupt the wellness industry, making it easier for health and wellness practitioners build and scale their businesses online.
  • Jessica Rienecker

    Jessica Rienecker (aka TallGirl Yogi) is a 6’1″ yoga instructor living in California. She lost 40+ pounds since becoming 200RYT in 2013. Her website, TallGirl Yogi, is a lighthearted approach to yoga for the average yogi. You can find Jessica on Facebook and Twitter, or connect with her on YogaTrail.
  • Jesslyn

    Jesslyn has been teaching yoga for the past 8 years in Australia, Canada, Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, India, and the Philippines. Her love of nature, traveling, yoga and alternative healing techniques have allowed her to study with teachers from different spiritual lineages and travel participating and facilitating a variety of yoga retreats, teacher trainings, workshops, and classes.
  • Katy Wright

    Katy Wright established her yoga practice at the age of 17. In 2011, she completed her teacher training with Union Yoga in Edinburgh, and set up her teaching business alongside her job as a journalist with the BBC. Now, as a freelance copywriter, Katy continues to explore the wisdom of yoga (as it applies to business and marketing) in her personal practice and in her blog, The Cat on the Mat. Connect with Katy on YogaTrail
  • Kelly McHugh

    Yoga Teacher, Marketing Strategist & Business Coach for Yoga Teachers. Kelly is the founder of Digital Yoga Academy, an online platform for yoga teachers who want to learn how to grow and sustain successful yoga careers. Digital Yoga Academy offers online courses in yoga branding, website development, social media, email marketing and so much more. There’s also a ton of free resources to get you started.
  • Lori Snyder

    Lori Snyder is the creator of Yoga:edit, which offers writing and editing services to the yoga community. A writer, book editor, yoga teacher, and former yoga studio owner, Lori particularly loves helping yoga teachers hone in on their unique writing voice and write the books they want to write.
  • Nicole Stone

    Nicole Stone is a Hatha Vinyasa Flow teacher, and yoga addict who moved to Spain in 2003 to escape the stress and pressures of corporate life. After rebuilding her health, she started a yoga retreat business, Yoga Breaks in Spain, offering a variety of retreats at beautiful little hotels near the sea. She loves seeing people unwind in the sunshine and get back into their bodies with daily yoga, walks, delicious food, and activities that allow them to experience a taste of Spain. Connect with Nicole on YogaTrail
  • Tallat Mahmood

    Tallat Mahmood is a business advisor, yoga enthusiast, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of, which helps yoga teachers create, market and sell online yoga courses. Tallat is working every day to help yoga teachers stop trading dollars for hours so that they can uncap their income, and build a sustainable yoga business.
  • Vidya Jacqueline Heisel

    Vidya Jacqueline Heisel leads outstanding Yoga Teacher Certification Courses in exotic locations such as Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand, India and at the Suryalila Retreat Centre, her home in Southern Spain. She loves warm weather and beautiful nature, and gives her trainees an experience of a lifetime! Connect with Vidya on YogaTrail
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