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The YogaTrail Academy is a resource for yoga professionals which offers practical insights and inspiration for dealing with all the different aspects of creating, running, and growing a yoga business.

Curated by YogaTrail — the free platform for yoga professionals to manage and grow their business — the Academy’s main mission is to help yoga teachers, studio owners, and yoga event organizers thrive by providing them with actionable information and practical tips.

We welcome guest writers! Before you submit an article please read the following guidelines.

Writing for the Academy


  • YogaTrail Profile: before submitting your article please make sure you have a profile on YogaTrail (as yogi or as teacher). YogaTrail is free, and you can join the platform and create your profile here. Please complete your profile appropriately with profile photo and bio, and include a link to your profile with your submission.
  • Expertise: we don’t require you to have any specific yoga qualifications or business experience to be a a contributor  — but it will certainly help. As long as your article is informative, original and well-written, you are welcome to submit it to our editorial team.
  • English Language: if English isn’t your native language please ask someone to review and edit your article before submitting it.

Content & Tone

Your article must be interesting and helpful for yoga professionals (or aspiring yoga professionals), which means that your topic must be related to the challenges yoga teachers and studio owners face as regards their business or some aspect of their professional life (teaching tips, tools to help in some way, marketing, insights into the yoga market, etc). YogaTrail will not consider submissions that deal with “healthy living”, improving one’s personal yoga practice, lifestyle recommendations, spiritual matters, or anything else not related to the Academy’s mission.

Your final article will need to be a very high-quality and in-depth article (at least 1,000 words). Please don’t submit short “list-type” (e.g. ‘5 quick ways to build a Facebook following’) with little substance. The Academy features only in-depth material.

It’s obviously best to choose a topic on which you can write extensively, from experience, and include lots of practical advice that will be useful for other yoga teachers/studio owners. The main purpose of the Academy content is to educate and empower yoga professionals, so your personal voice and experience should not be the focal point of your piece.

The content you submit should also, as much as possible, apply to a large number teachers, regardless of the style of yoga they teach, or where they are based. It is important to make your content inclusive rather than exclusive, so you should abstain from quality judgements such as “what makes a yoga teacher” or “what is yoga”. Make your article actionable, relatable and practical — not general and ‘philosophical’.

It is also helpful to include figures, statistics, and concrete examples, preferably with sources to back these up. You may include pictures, screenshots and even videos to support your piece.

The work you submit must be original, and not published in part or in whole on another website (including your own).

Ready to Write? 

Please get in touch via email here. Tell us a bit about you, and send us a synopsis of what you’d like to write about. Unless you have an article already all written out, simply put together a short summary of what your article will be about, with some bullet points outlining the points you’ll want to make.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can (usually within a day). If we decide to go ahead, we’ll agree (together) on a timeline and publication date for your article.

Contributor Terms

By submitting your article, you are agreeing to the following:

1. You (the author) allow us (YogaTrail) to publish your article on YogaTrail.com
2. You guarantee that this article was entirely written by you
3. You guarantee that this article (or parts of it) has not been and will not be published anywhere else online
5. You understand that your article may be subject to editing before publication
6. You understand that submitting your article does not guarantee publication
7. You as the writer own the rights to your articles but allow us to publish them permanently (or as long as we choose) on YogaTrail.com

If your article has not been published after 30 days, please feel free to publish it on another website.