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Reach the International Yoga Community

Launched in 2013, YogaTrail has fast become the place where yoga practitioners connect with their yoga providers. With millions of people having found their yoga in over 20,000 cities, YogaTrail can help your brand reach a massive and targeted audience of passionate yogis around the world.

Some of the ways we can help to grow your brand:

  • Newsletter marketing to 130,000 subscribers
  • Branded photo contests on Yoga Poses
  • Social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) with a combined reach of 250,000 followers

YogaTrail works hand-in-hand with select brands and organisations to deliver customised, creative marketing solutions that build awareness, engage the yoga community, and drive action. To learn more about YogaTrail and opportunities for your brand, please see our media kit or get in touch here.