Does a Yoga Teacher Need a Website?

Yoga Websites

The short answer: yes.

The long answer: YogaTrail is an awesome platform for yoga providers to communicate with students, promote their events, take bookings and appointments, and generally connect with the yoga community… but a yoga instructor should still have their own website.

Among all the different ways to be online, your very own website gives you the most control, maximum visibility, and lots of options to do many different things. Most importantly, a website provides credibility and establishes that you are a real pro — not only in the minds of potential clients, but also when it comes to making an impression with a studio or other kind of job opportunity. Continue reading

Attention Curvy Ladies: Lululemon Isn’t the Only Choice for Yoga Clothes

Most women (yogis or not) don’t look anything like the models that clothing companies display their collections on — and, sadly, yoga gear is often not designed to flatter a curvy silhouette. So if you ever found yourself putting those yoga pants back on the shelf because they squeeze in all the wrong place, read on. Our friend Melanie has investigated some brands that offer a flattering fit for all shapes and all sizes:

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Why a Facebook Page is a Waste of Time for Yoga Teachers


After teaching yoga for some time, you’ve decided to get a little more “pro” about things. Great! So you set up a Facebook business page, spend a good hour on the cover image, “about” description, and add some amazing photos… until everything’s just perfect. Then, after asking all your students, friends, fellow yoga teachers, and pretty much everyone you know to ‘like’ your new Facebook page, you collect a few hundred fans.

“Awesome!”, you tell yourself, “the people are hungry for my updates, and Facebook will let me keep everyone in the loop about classes, upcoming events, and maybe the occasional morsel of wisdom.” Not so fast. Continue reading

Help, I’m a yoga teacher – and so is everyone else!

If there’s one word that makes a yogi feel uneasy, it’s ‘competition’ – and we’re not talking about the annually debated Yoga Asana Championships. We’re talking about the fast-growing amount of competition in the yoga teaching world.

David La Spina for The New York Times

David La Spina for The New York Times

According to the latest 2016 Yoga in America Study, for every yoga teacher in the States, there are currently two people doing a yoga teacher training – and another two who are interested in doing so. Comparative statistics for the rest of the world aren’t readily available, but if other American trends are anything to go by, the rest of the world is following suit shortly. Continue reading

5 Things to Know Before Opening a Yoga Studio

Open for Business

Jules Barber recently quit her 9-5 job, packed her bags and hopped on a flight to a small island in the Gulf of Thailand to take over a struggling yoga studio… here’s what she wished she had known before embarking on that adventure! Take it away Jules:

Though I had over a decade of other business experience, running a yoga studio came with its own unique lessons, and it wasn’t until I shared my story with several other brave yoga studio owners that I realised: most of us had dealt with the exact same obstacles and wish someone had prepared us for them beforehand…

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