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• IMMERSION • Pause • Ponder • Marinate • Immerse! •

We'll meet five mornings a week for three weeks to practice what we are not yet so well practiced with!


6357 SW Capitol Highway, Portland OR, US 97239

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  • Workshop

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Nov 2 to
Nov 20
07:00 amto08:30 am

• Mon - Fri • 7-8:30am • 11/2-20 •



Full Description

Due to the rapid shifting and changes we are all immersed in and a part of, this Fall Immersion will focus on a familiar theme of Integration, Assimilation, and In-bodying [being the evidence of this new you in the world] what is now being revealed, through you and as you - but - not by you. You need not worry about these better to just feel into and beyond them, and feel the meaning of that which is being conveyed.

Now, this is not much different from what we 'do' in classes. Nor is this much different from what we've done in Immersions in the past. What is different though, is the nature of what is 'happening now', and, this makes this a most timely Immersion! For those who have been Immersing in the past, you will have noticed how this all tends to 'work' seamlessly, and effortlessly - and this is by design.

Rather then tasking yourself with learning more rituals, and yet again another protocol, or another strategy that then needs to be followed and so imposed upon yourself, It's learning to rely on the simplest of things, the most basic and natural of things - like yielding into that which is supporting us - which will open the way for you to know, and experience, this whole new way of being in your body, and a whole new way to be on this a whole way, and, yes, even a holy way. For this is your innate state being expressed, as you - here and now!

The challenge is showing up to allow this all to "happen" without trying to make it happen. Not trying achieve it, direct it, think it, effort or any of the endless ways we are so good and adept at in postponing what would otherwise be, now!

You're designed for peace, balance, and well it's time to have the only question is not 'if'.. but when? You ready??

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