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10-days yoga and meditation retreat

The teaching includes physical yoga exercises (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), energy locks and positions (mudras and bandhas), nose cleansing (neti), deep relaxation (Yoga nidra), concentration (Tratak and Nada yoga), Sufi-dance and lectures.
We also go through cleansing of the intestines (Shankprakshalana) and you will learn both the advanced Ajapa Japa and the Inner Silence meditation (Antar mauna) in its entirety.


Floridavegen 81, Ask NO 5307
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  • Retreat

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Jul 9 to
Jul 19
11:30 amto06:00 am


1,375 €

This includes teaching and room and board.

Full Description

The value of an active holiday

Every day the retreat programme lasts from early morning until late afternoon – but you also have free time to go for a walk, etc. During the retreat you are spared from watching TV, listen to the radio or to music, drive, shop, visit cafés, talk in the (mobile) phone, drink coffee or alcohol, read newspapers, etc. Such a frame – combined with tasty vegetarian food – makes thorough effects possible, even during a short-time retreat. It is important to complete the retreat if you first decide to participate.

Classes and social events

In the evenings we have classes with talks and Satsang: «Confrontation, accept and change», «Yoga in daily life» are examples of themes. Some evenings we practice Sufi-dance or Kirtan, a kind of singing-meditation. In addition you take part in practical work (Karma Yoga) every day.

Bjarke Jørgensen and Audhild Naustdal.
Before Enrolment

Please read the following 3 articles about the retreats and their content and be prepared to follow the retreat as it is described in the articles:

Location of the retreat: Ask Retreat Centre, a beautiful setting by the sea on the island of Askøy, 2 miles north of the capital of Bergen. Accommodation in single, double or multibed room in the Alexander Cottage, the Cottage and the Alcove. We will do Yoga and meditation in the Yoga room or in the Pyramide.

Cancelling your booking: Cancellation must be done in writing either per mail or email. When cancelling later than 1 month before the course you will have to pay NOK 2.000. Later than 14 days NOK 3.200 and later than 1 week before NOK 4.800. If you cancel the booking after the start of the retreat you will have to pay full price. Cancellation due to illness: Attach medical certificate or doctors statement which verifies your illness, and you only pay the Deposit for the retreat.

Read more on the page about Practical Information and the page on Location and arrival.
Conditions of Participation
Be prepared to accept the following:

You are required to attend all classes / activities at the scheduled times – willingly come 5 minutes before the agreed time!

Only eat the food served at the meal. Do not smoke on the school’s you must smoke, then take a walk alone.

During a retreat you take a break from your usual influences and impressions. You retire for a period to gain an overview and get some peace to do what you have come for: to work with yourself.

During a retreat you will not read newspapers, watch TV, use your mobile for talking or SMS or receive visits. Leave your Smart Phone, audio player, clock radio, computer and anything similar at home or turn it off during your stay. Inform your family and friends that it is not possible to contact you during the retreat. If an emergency arise in your family they can contact you through phoning the retreat centre at phone +47 56 15 15 00.
Do not persuade come with you on the course, not even your partner, unless they themselves are completely motivated to participate. Come for your own sake.

Come because you want to discover and work with yourself.

Welcome to the retreat!