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100 hrs Weekend Online Yoga TT with Explorations in Shamanism, Arts, Tantra

Learn to teach an intuitive, restorative, and deeply meditative yoga practice.
Become a holistic yoga teacher by also experiencing Shamanism, Tantra, art, and dance
Live classes to connect with instructors and other students, and have questions addressed in real time.
Learn how to apply and integrate tantric philosophy to into your daily life.


Rumihuaico Alto, lote 169, Tumbaco - Quito EC 170184

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Aug 8 to
Aug 30
07:00 amto20:30 pm

- You will attend 8 hours of classes per day live and rcorded IN WEEK ENDS
- Classes times will be arranged to allow people from different parts of the world participating and building community.



Full Description

100hrs acknowledged by Yoga Alliance to be added to a previous training or as the foundation for a future training.

Just like our in-person course, this will be taught by an international team of respected yogis, artists, and shamans. Though you may be studying from the comfort of your home, you will have opportunities to interact with fellow classmates during live-streamed classes. Our curriculum is designed to foster interpersonal support and community-building. Upon completion of the course, you will be invited to join our active and much-loved global community of Tiger Riders around the world.

No matter the medium, our program will always offer more than just a yogic teacher training. Many attest it is a very personal and transformative journey. By the end of the program, you will have deepened your connection to your awareness, creativity, and spirituality, and walk away with the power to maintain and integrate your true self in today’s society. This is what it means to ride Durga’s Tiger. Are you ready?

Though this is a virtual training, we have designed our 200 Hour Online Training to maintain the integrity and sacredness of our in-person trainings.

Students will actively participate in our live classes and extend the sacred space of each class to wherever they are.

What Sets Durgas’ Trainings Apart?

- We teach a form of yoga that is different from most other trainings.

- We offer a holistic training experience by incorporating Shamanism, Tantra, art, and dance in addition to the standard curriculum

- Classes are taught by a diverse and international team of respected yogis, artists, and shamans.

- Sharing circles are held to cultivate an engaging and supportive community.

- Students learn how to apply and integrate tantric philosophy to into daily life.


Our 200 Hour Online Teacher Training is designed with the at-home student in mind while maintaining the integrity and sacredness of our in-person trainings.

Live classes will take place every weekend during the course in the following slots:

Friday evening: 7pm - 9pm Ecuador Time (GMT-05) OR 7pm - 9pm CET (GMT+02), depending on which time zone you are in.

Saturday: 7am - 3.30pm Ecuador Time (GMT-05) / 2pm - 10.30pm CET (GMT+02)

Sunday: 7am - 3.30pm Ecuador Time (GMT-05) / 2pm - 10.30pm CET (GMT+02)

Additionally, you are expected to go through some recorded classes during weekdays, in your own time. Per week:

3 x 1 hour of meditation or pranayama

2 x 3 hours of Kaula Tantra Yoga or Practice Teaching

In August, recorded weekday classes allow for full flexibility. In September, we will have two scheduled Practice Teaching Sessions per week instead of the recorded Kaula Tantra Yoga.

For students in the Americas:

Tuesday, 6pm - 9pm Ecuador Time (GMT+05)

Thursday, 6pm - 9pm Ecuador Time (GMT+05)

For students in Europe:

Tuesday, 6pm - 9pm CET (GMT-02)

Thursday, 6pm - 9pm CET (GMT-02)

The training starts on Saturday, August 8, at 7am Ecuador Time (GMT-05) / 2pm CET (GMT+02) and ends on Sunday, September 27, at 3.30pm Ecuador Time (GMT-05) / 10.30pm CET (GMT+02).

Live classes are held in Zoom. Recordings will be available. Students will have access to all content for 30 days after the training ends.


Kaula Tantra Yoga

The style of yoga we teach is Kaula Tantra Yoga.

This practice comes from an ancient lineage that is based on the teachings of Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha.

While most yoga is taught and practiced to prepare the mind and body for meditation, this series was born out of meditation. Thus, it is practiced in a flowing manner to build ones patience and awareness. The asanas are gently held for a period of time to allow practitioners to relax into the posture. Over time, one will learn to meditate within the asanas to connect directly with the Universe.

Each body is different so each student is encouraged to find their own way of expressing asanas. There is no pressure to compete with others or to be in “perfect alignment”. This form of yoga specifically activates the diaphragm, balancing the body to then balance every other aspect of life, including one's sexuality.

In alignment with the requirements set by Yoga Alliance, you will work with asanas, pranayama, mudras, mantras, and different meditation techniques. In addition, our curriculum also incorporates a variety of unique experiences and teachings that invite students to grow in all aspects of their lives, not just in yoga. Learn more about our dynamic curriculum below.


Meditation is the foundation of Tantra Yoga practices. We explore different approaches to meditation, such as chanting, dancing, breathing, and more. Meditation will help students become more present in everything they do and they will learn to transform movement, breath, and creativity within the meditation itself. This is the art of “not doing” but “being” where one taps into the sacred space within him or herself.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bajhan, is another form of Tantra Yoga that is focused more on the movement of energy through the body. Each practice (called kriyas) will target specific chakras or parts of the body’s system to help students become more in touch with all of their energetic bodies, not just their physical one.


As the school was born out of Ecuador, which boasts a thriving indigenous population, we feel it imperative to share about Andean culture and its cosmovision with the world. This cosmovision aligns with many philosophies and teachings of ancient Eastern cultures. The parallels include energy work, astrology, subtle anatomy, and physiology. Students will be lead through shamanic experiences of re-establishing their connection with nature and the environment around them.

Intuitive Anatomy

Our approach to anatomy is unique in that we place special emphasis in intuitive learning over memorization. Our anatomy and physiology classes are designed to connect students with their inner body intelligence. Students will be able to listen to their bodies better and act according to its needs in the moment, rather than waiting and acting from just the mind.

Durga's Tiger Dance

Durga’s Tiger Dance is a unique form of movement developed by Iris Disse. It shares many principles with Ecstatic Dance and Five Rhythms. It is based on yogic energy work, different dance styles, and voice work. The class is designed to help students deepen their awareness, creativity, and relaxation while moving their bodies and expressing themselves through sound. No prior skills or dance experience is necessary. Much of the class is done with the eyes closed and students are encouraged to dance as if no one is watching.

Applied Tantric Wisdom

In this class, we share tantric practices that can be immediately applied to students’ everyday lives. These practices help build intimacy between their relationships, romantic or otherwise. They also invite students to explore their life force energy, much of which is focused in their sexuality. Students also learn the importance of rituals and how to create and hold sacred spaces.

Art and Theatre

Theses classes are designed to help students find a playful way to become conscious of their emotions and invite students to engage with them. They are a bit of a wild card as they are shaped around the specific cohort of students. However, the principles remain the same:

- Get in touch with one's’ inner child, intuition, and inner artist

- Utilize and develop right-brained lateral processing

- Recognize and release patterns and blockages

- Be present

- Work in groups

- Approach everything from a new perspective

These classes are an energetic training that combine improvisation, clowning, dancing, musical/rhythm work, meditation, and practical shamanism.

Talking Stick

Talking Stick is a sharing circle that is held every week. Everyone who is part of the course will be in attendance to see, hear, and witness each other. We have found that this practice creates a social field that supports individuals to share from their hearts and help explore new possibilities in their lives. It is a safe and sacred time and space where all topics are welcome.