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200 Hour Teacher Training with Simon Borg-Olivier & Bianca Machliss at Yoga Synergy

Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss have, have decades of experience practicing and teaching yoga and also as trained physiotherapists. They have been training teachers for over 20 years. Join them for an in-depth, practical training in the Yoga Synergy method, which integrates traditional yoga for the modern body. The Yoga Synergy method can be applied to all styles of yoga.

Level 1 Yoga Synergy Teacher Training is accredited with Yoga Alliance for 200 hours


Margaret Whitlam Centre Bondi1382763
Waverley Park, Bondi Rd, Bondi, Sydney NSW, AU 2022
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  • Teacher Training

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May 8 to
Nov 29
18:00 pmto18:00 pm

This course is a total of 420 hours and includes 180 hours personal teaching with Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss as well as 240 hours online. On completion you will receive a Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certificate. You will taught the essential principles of how to teach any style of physical yoga safely and effectively by two internationally recognised experts in the the field of yoga and physiotherapy.

This Yoga Synergy Teacher Training course in Sydney Australia is designed to be a flexible, modular training that you may start in May or in September 2015 and do the Anatomy & Physiology and Yoga Therapy in 2016.



Early Bird pay total A$3987 on or before Thu 28 April 2015

Full Price A$4287

All prices include GST

Full Description

8 May - 29 Nov, 2015

Welcome evening Thu 7 May 2015
8 May - 17 May: Anatomy & Physiology Intensive (10 days total). As part of Teacher training the attendance at Vinyasa 5 day, weekday workshop is optional.
14 Aug - 23 Aug: Yoga Therapy Intesive (10 days total). As part of Teacher training the attendance at Vinyasa 5 day weekday workshop is optional.
4-6 Sep
25 - 27 Sep
9-11 Oct
30 Oct - 1 Nov
27-29 Nov, farewell evening 29 November, 2015
This Yoga Synergy Teacher Training course is designed to be a flexible, modular training that you may start in September 2015, then do the Anatomy & Physiology and Yoga Therapy in 2016.
What’s Included
5 x weekends listed above for Teacher Training, times for those weekends are Fri 6-9pm, Sat & Sun 8am - 7.30pm
2 x Intensive weekends for Anatomy & Physiology and Yoga Therapy. Weekday intensives are optional and will be extra at a discounted rate.
2 x Yoga Synergy Online courses (240 online hours): Essentials of Teacher Training: Yoga Fundamentals and Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga (Students who have already completed one or both online courses may be eligible for a discount)
Yoga Full set of Yoga Synergy Practice DVDs – box set, Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether
Discount on Yoga Fundamentals and Anatomy & Physiology DVD sets if you wish to purchase additional – normally A$260 each, but when you are doing online course they are available to you for A$87 each.
Total combined in-person and online training is 420 hours
Margaret Whitlam Recreation Center, Bondi Rd, Bondi Junction

Deposit A$1000. Note that the deposit is not refundable as you will be given immediate access to the two online courses.

Price: Early Bird pay total A$3987 on or before Thu 28 April 2015

Full Price A$4287

All prices include GST

This Yoga Synergy Teacher Training course is designed to be a flexible, modular training that you may start in September 2015, then do the Anatomy & Physiology and Yoga Therapy in 2016.

The Yoga Synergy system will -

give you flexibility without painful stretching
give you strength without stressful muscle tension
increase circulation without increasing heart rate
bring more oxygen to your cells without breathing more than normal
bring intelligence to your cells without needing to have to think
After more than a decade of learning directly from yoga masters such as Sri Iyengar, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sri Desikarchar in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Simon and Bianca returned to Sydney University to complete degrees in Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) in 1993, to learn more about the human body for the benefit of their yoga practice and teaching. Their deep understanding of anatomy and physiology of yoga is applied in the Yoga Synergy method. This practical method aims to prevent and assist in recovery of, the many musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions that occur as a result of modern yoga and exercise practice.

"The Yoga Synergy Teacher Training Course was unforgettable. I have been a student of Simon and Bianca for about 6yrs, so I went with some familiarity with the Yoga Synergy method. Nevertheless, every single day was a rich learning experience in more ways than I could have imagined.
Simon and Bianca's many years of experience with intelligently applied, well-considered practice showed in everything they did, and despite their respective variations, their mutual respect for each other was evident and beautifully reconciled via thorough and thoughtful explanations and demonstration, as well as sincere acknowledgement of each other throughout the course.
Having visited various studios across the globe, I've never met teachers who can so appropriately integrate their extreme depth of knowledge and practice with such integrity and equanimity. The opportunity to learn from two such dedicated and knowledgeable teachers was an experience few can hope to access. The schedule was intense if you made it so, but always enjoyable, with a diverse range of topics carefully selected, prioritised and emphasised.
Bianca in particular has a superbly fine-tuned sense of "teaching", which covers verbal instruction, yogic knowledge, timing, energy and discretion (how much to teach, when to teach it, how far to push your students etc.). Simon has an unfathomable depth of yogic knowledge and a passion for sharing it with energy, humour and patience. Between the two of them, each day was an inspiring, vibrant, educational time that has enriched my practice immeasurably.
This was my first teacher training experience. Do I feel ready to teach? I feel infinitely more ready than before, but I am also infinitely humbled by the experience and skill of my mentors."

Chris Whelan (Goa India 200h Teacher Training Graduate 2014)

The Teacher Training Course with Yoga Synergy was a wonderful experience. I never taught yoga before and got thrown into the deep end as soon as I came back from the course. I got to teach straight away at my local gym and I felt confident with all the resources and experience that I got in Goa. I also met some amazing and inspiring people at the course, which is a testament to the kind of people Simon and Bianca are. They are experienced and passionate teachers who attract passionate people from all over the world.

Nancy Vuong (Goa India 200h Teacher Training Graduate 2014)

It has been life changing to learn from Simon and Bianca. Their depth of knowledge of the body and yoga has created a way of practicing yoga that is intelligent, safe, feels good, and can be both gentle and strong at the same time! Also, their virtue and compassion as people is a sign of their yoga practice 'off the mat', from which we can all learn a lot too!

Kim Wainer (Yoga Synergy teacher since 2012)

I was inspired to do Teacher Training with Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss primarily because I love the Yoga Synergy style and I believe it is a fabulous way to learn yoga.

The Yoga Synergy concept allows students to customize each asana and vinyasa to their individual strengths and weaknesses. The sequences evolve every week allowing students to build up their knowledge and confidence. And as the course progresses and you require fewer verbal instructions, the practice really begins to flow.

Over the years I have talked to literally hundreds of yoga students in Sydney whose lives (and bodies) have been changed by Simon and Bianca.

Teaching the Yoga Synergy style is very rewarding. Every time I hear 'thank you Danny' or 'wow, I feel great' or 'that was a great practise' - it's like music to my ears!

Danny May (Yoga Synergy teacher since 1999)

Bianca and Simon have been training teachers for over 15 years. I've learnt more from them than all of the various other courses I have completed over the last ten years. I have never come across any other teachers worldwide with such a comprehensive understanding of the body in relation to yoga. They provided 'the why and what' is happening in the body. I particularly liked the combination of the western and eastern approach to yoga.

They are passionate teacher trainers and invest countless energy and time into their students and teachers alike.

Teacher training with them has taken me in a different direction in my life and allowed me to live the life I was looking for. I feel exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to have been trained by Bianca and Simon. Over the years my appreciation has only deepened for what they have shared and the impact they have had on my teaching and on my life.

Without hesitation I would recommend teacher training at Yoga Synergy with Bianca and Simon. I can't imagine a more comprehensive training available anywhere.

Steven Harris (Yoga Synergy teacher since 2004)

The Yoga Synergy system is simultaneously one of the most accessible, comprehensive and challenging yoga styles being taught in the world today. Learning the Yoga Synergy sequences opens the way to developing a sustainable daily practice, building strength, flexibility, and mental agility, whilst emphasizing the importance of a mindful approach to yoga - responsive to one's state of mind and body in each moment. Learning to teach the Yoga Synergy sequences involves a much deeper exploration of yoga, on both a personal level and from the perspective of sharing your understanding with others. Training to be a teacher under the experienced and enthusiastic guidance of Bianca and Simon is a truly inspiring experience - you will learn how to express and share your passion for yoga with others safely, responsibly and intelligently.