200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training - Costa Rica

200 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training
Transform Your Life - Immerse Yourself in Yoga

Explore vinyasa flow, therapeutic alignment principles and the path of yoga as a framework for holistic health. Learn to share the practices with others in a safe and powerful way.


Jun 1 to
Jun 18
06:15 amto06:15 am

Full immersion program.



Full Description

This program offers students in-depth skills to explore Yoga as a vehicle for vibrant health, self-transformation, and personal empowerment. Our curriculum includes a unique blend of alignment based vinyasa flow, a solid foundation in Hatha Yoga and 200 hours of instruction offered within a therapeutic framework. The instruction will cover a wide range of yoga techniques including yoga postures, anatomy, relaxation, breath awareness, pranayama, meditations to calm the mind, contemplations to transform limiting tendencies into life-affirming thought patterns, and the instruction of clear principles of alignment to create safety, balance, and freedom in yoga poses. Students explore concepts from Ayurveda, the Upanishads, Patanjali and the Chakra System as frameworks for the application of yoga as a journey towards radiant health and wellbeing. The asana emphasis includes both level one/two alignment based vinyasa flow sequencing as well as gentler and restorative variations. Rather than offer standard sequencing or rigid methodologies, students are exposed to frameworks that inspire each trainee to adapt the practices, awaken their creativity and find their own authentic voice as a teacher. Graduates of this program feel empowered to teach a variety of yoga class types, including all levels vinyasa yoga, alignment-based classes, beginners, senior, gentle, and restorative.

If you have a love and passion for yoga, then you are welcome to participate, whether it is with the desire to deepen your own personal yoga practice or with the intention to teach yoga to others.

Join us and expect to:
• Deepen your practice and transform your life through yoga!
• Bring balance and clarity into your life.
• Fine-tune your asana through a deeper understanding of biomechanical alignment principles.
• Gain insights into your (true) nature through the wisdom of yoga and its philosophy.
• Explore breath work, mantra, and meditation as tools to create vibrant health and wellbeing in your life.
• Build self-confidence and tap into your amazing potential in a supportive, nurturing environment.

A tranquil island atmosphere with dazzling beaches, clear azur waters, delicious food and exceptional natural beauty, Okreblue Yoga Retreat offers the perfect space to immerse in the reflective practices of Yoga. Located on the magical Greek Island of Paros, this seaside eco-retreat center is an area of exceptional natural beauty, overlooking the blue waters of the Aegean Sea with sand dunes, aged cedar forests, “secret” coves with sandy beaches and clear waters. With accommodation just steps away from the water, open-air indoor/outdoor yoga halls and organic food is grown right in the Okreblue's gardens. this retreat creates the perfect space to reconnect with mind, body, spirit and nature.


Once you decide you would like to join us please complete the registration form and place your $500 deposit. This will ensure that your room preference is secured as well as your spot in the program. Fifty percent of your tuition payment is due three months prior to program start date. Final tuition payment is due one month prior to start date of the program.


Email, call 1-808-333-9591 or visit us on-line.


Liz Heffernan, MA, E-RYT 500 & C-IAYT Yoga Therapist

Liz Heffernan, E-RYT 500, is a recognized international yoga teacher with over two decades of personal practice and 20 years of teaching. She trained extensively in the Hatha yoga systems of Kripalu, Ashtanga, and Anusara and works as an Integrative Yoga Therapist. Liz currently directs and leads yoga teacher trainings and workshops in worldwide locations, provides one-to-one mentoring for yoga teachers, instructs daily yoga classes, and offers private therapeutic sessions. Liz is known for her ability to bridge the gap between the ancient perspectives of yoga and contemporary daily life. Her teaching weaves together philosophy, creative sequencing, clear alignment, mindful breathing, and compassionate self-inquiry to form a tapestry that reflects her heartfelt commitment to this transformative path.

Molly Masaoka, E-RYT 500
Yoga Studio Owner & Yoga Teacher Training Faculty

Innately perceptive beyond her years, and wildly passionate about everything in her path, Molly applies a level of determination and delight that is truly one of a kind. Her unique teaching style is both intense and focused but lightened with creativity, compassion and humor. She is known for her ability to facilitate and create a masterful symphony of yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy and inspiration in every class she teaches. She has extensive knowledge in physical alignment and the energy body and how to intertwine the two and the gift of perception which allows her to really see bodies /beings and shepherd them into their greatest expression of balance and peace. A serious student of yoga for the past 15 years, Molly has studied intensely with Chuck Miller, and completed teacher trainings with Annie Carpenter and Don Stapelton. She credits Annie for giving her the skills to teach intentional alignment and sequencing, Don for the ability to encourage self-inquiry and Chuck for finding the unity in all things. In addition to leading teacher trainings, workshops and retreats, Molly also owns Yoga Centered Studio and Boutique in Hilo, Hawaii. She is an influential member of her yoga community and serves as a mentor to both students and other teachers. Ultimately she hopes to inspire others to share the practices of yoga that have so positively impacted her life.


Our faculty were a dream team! I loved the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that they shared including their presentation and well thought out curriculum. The course provided me with enough knowledge and skills to not only deepen my understanding of my own body and practice but also increase my confidence to the point of making teaching a possibility for me. I absolutely recommend this program to others. - Kathryn

I really appreciated the combined effort of the instructors and the Peace Retreat. I enjoyed the safety, security and the space held by the instructors. I also really enjoyed the depth of their knowledge. They provided a wealth of information and practical application, it was balanced. The program changed my approach to yoga, it put me in contact with where my body is at. Before this I was always meeting the instructor of the class where they were at. This really made me aware of how important a personal practice is, to meet yourself on the mat. The body alignment was critically important for me. It fundamentally changed how I will approach yoga. I wish I had learned this part years ago. I loved it, loved it, loved it and I am so grateful to have had the chance to take this program. – Parker

This experience has been such a gift.  It provided me with the skills, training, confidence and support to not only succeed as a yoga teacher but to propel through life with greater ease, light and happiness. I have developed a deeper love, respect and admiration for myself and what I am capable of and that is something I will appreciate for the rest of my life. The program gave the perfect amount of time to asana, pranayama, personal inquiry and group work. The alignment studies were so practical and important for both my own practice and to feel confident as a teacher. The Ayurvedic lessons helped to provide me with a new perspective on how to view struggle, illness and 'dis' ease in my life.  The Patanjali Yoga Sutra discussions were an unbelievable way to learn yoga philosophy and get to know our community on a much deeper level. Liz and her teachers teaching styles provided the perfect compliment to each other. They worked as an incredible team and both created such a safe, uplifting, challenging experience and for us.  I feel so lucky to have had the honor of learning from both of them. - Rhiannon

The asana and alignment study profoundly changed my practice for the better. I have so much more awareness and I am receiving even more benefits from my own practice than I ever imagined. My confidence as a yoga teacher is stronger than I thought it would be. The teachers have an amazing balanced dynamic which helps to motivate through an intensive schedule. I always felt supported and inspired, the love and support was palpable the entire time. I have never experienced anything like this. My heart is full. - Ashley

The quality of the training was outstanding. Liz transmitted such passion and enthusiasm for Yoga so successfully to the students. I loved how caring and attentive they were throughout the whole process. This experience has taught me to be grateful for what I have, accept my qualities, not dwell on the negativities and build confidence to face obstacles. I also enjoyed learning about the more practical side of yoga and teaching. - Cecilia

Yes! I definitely would recommend this program to others. I really enjoyed the program, the authenticity of the teachings, the heart of the teachers Liz and Serena, and the alignment studies. This training helped me to understand myself and others more. I feel more confident now to continue on the path of yoga as well inspire others to find their own practice. - Christa

Amazing teachers, amazing place, awesome Yoga and awesome people! I have fallen in love with yoga now, so much more than before the

Prior to coming I had next to NO confidence as a yoga teacher and felt very limited in my knowledge of Yoga. I feel 100 times more confident in my teaching ability. In terms of my own personal practice, it has transformed. I don't look at yoga as an activity anymore, but as a lifestyle. The people were incredible, Liz and Serena both have so much knowledge, and I also loved the Peace Retreat setting, such a wonderful location with wonderful staff. - Stephane's Delaney

I really enjoyed the structure and format of this training, the teacher's approach, as well as the focus on alignment, anatomy, Ayurveda and chakras. I now feel very strong and confident. Emotionally I feel full and fulfilled. My knowledge of Yoga is far greater than when I arrived and I feel the Ayurveda has the power to change lives. - Heather Fordart

I really appreciated the combined effort of both Liz, Serena and the Peace Retreat. I enjoyed the safety, security and the space held by the instructors. I also really enjoyed the depth of their knowledge. They provided a wealth of information and practical application, it was balanced. The program changed my approach to yoga, it put me in contact with where my body is at. Before this I was always meeting the instructor of the class where they were at. This really made me aware of how important a personal practice is, to meet yourself on the mat. The body alignment was critically important for me. It fundamentally changed how I will approach yoga. I wish I had learned this part years ago. I loved it, loved it, loved it and I am so grateful to have had the chance to take this program. – Parker

After lots of searching for the ‘right’ Yoga Teacher Training, I am so glad I chose to study with Soma Yoga Institute. The program was exactly what I was looking for. I now have a better understanding of the history, philosophy and basics of yoga. Chanting, Ayurveda and the art of breathing were some of my favorite topics. I highly recommend this program. – John

The training was excellent, providing solid alignment principles and an excellent introduction to Yoga History, Ayurveda, chakras and meditation.  It provided a solid foundation to build upon, whatever future direction our yoga path inspires.  I loved the sequencing methodology and learning how to craft a yoga class with intention.  I am now feeling confident in my teaching, I have developed solid tools for crafting a yoga class and have come to appreciate a personal daily meditation practice. I am so grateful for all the gifts that were shared.  – Steven

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for a life changing experience. The instructors did a beautiful job of holding compassionate space for learning. The lectures and exercises were informative, engaging and intentional. I felt cared for and supported as a person, yogi and brand new teacher, going out into the world to spread the love. I really also enjoyed the sense of community we formed and the philosophy of ‘eyes of love’ we carried through our studies together. There was a very nice balance of effort and ease throughout with lots of opportunities to self-reflect and grow as a person and develop our teaching skills. I am now excited to put my personal practice into place when I go home. Through this program I overcame some fear of letting go of security in order to pursue what I feel passionate about and what feeds my soul. I feel stronger now and look forward to taking on challenges in asana practice and in life in general. I still have lots to learn but I am also equipped to start sharing yoga with other’s. – Laura

I really enjoyed the safe space created and held by Liz, Serena and the Peace Retreat staff for each person in the training to explore their own personal growth. The instructors’ authenticity and open hearts shined through their teaching. In a wonderful, very special and thoughtful way they shared a vast mixture of knowledge. I loved the philosophy presentations they were beautiful and really showed everyone at their most perfect. I can see how yoga philosophy interacts with my life more clearly now and have a deeper understanding of how Ayurveda and Yoga interrelate to each other. I have had space to reflect on my own healing to date and where I need to go for myself, being mindful of how the components of my healing interrelate with my attitude to myself and how they are reflected in my relationships. – Nid

This yoga teacher training exceeded my expectation on what I could learn in 18 days. I am leaving here with the knowledge of healthy body alignment and proper positioning the physical poses with an understanding of the foundation and how to use muscular engagement intentionally to support my personal practice. Thank you Liz for sharing your knowledge and expertise of Yoga. – Melayne

This has been one of the most amazing, enlightening, empowering, self-loving and life changing experiences ever. I loved everything! The community, the beautiful space, the depth of the study into the various branches of yoga and Ayurveda and most of all the teachers. Liz and Serena both have the most amazing, beautiful gift of sharing yoga and their inspiration with their students. It shines out like a light. I cannot express how grateful I am for this experience. I have been so nervous and self-critical in the past, so afraid to be less than perfect that it scared me to think about teaching yoga. Through this training, my self-doubt has dissolved and has been replaced by this amazing empowered feeling and instead of worrying about what I don’t know I am excited to further my studies and learn more. What an amazing gift you give to those who learn from you. – Katie

Liz’s teacher training was incredible.  I loved the breadth of information, the bonding of the community and the Peace Retreat location was beautiful.  I surprised myself by being able to keep up with multiple yoga classes each day.  The dissection for the sutras and the chants was particularly helpful and I believe this will greatly add to my yoga practice. If you join a Soma Yoga Institute program you will leave not just qualified to teach, but a better person as well with deep friendships bonded from all over the world.   – Liz V.

This program captured so many different aspects of Yoga and awakened in me the wish to dip deeper into the yoga world. We were told in the beginning to meet everyone with love and it was a great experience to see how the community opened up their hearts to each other and how there were no disputes the whole time. I will take this understanding to my relationships and my life. The alignment sessions helped me to understand the asanas and I loved the chanting, meditation, mudras and pranayama. The yoga at the beach was fantastic. I definately recommend this program, Liz and Serena are both amazing and inspiring. – Liza

I really enjoyed Liz’s approach as a teacher, she teaches how to be more compassionate to people in general and how to open your heart. Her instructions “look at these amazing beings and their poses with your eyes of love” will be a phrase I carry through my whole life. This yoga teacher training was well balanced. My favorite topics were the Chakras, mudras, history and philosophy, and of course the alignment. I learned about what practices are more suitable for my body and how to listen to its wisdom more deeply. I was taught how to verbalize yoga, something that was very challenging for me. My confidence definitely went up and I am now excited to teach. – Veronika

I loved everything, the structure of the course was meaningful and complete, both teachers were inspiring, the program takes us into the big picture of yoga, I just learned so much. When you do yoga and meditation every day, when you start studying the yoga sutras, when you are more aware of your body and feeling more present, and when you receive the knowledge of two amazing teachers, your life is changing for the better. This was a life changing experience. – Stephanie Casado.

I have so much gratitude for this experience. Liz and Serena, you are both so inspiring and authentic in how you share your gifts with the world. This experience reaffirmed my love of yoga and has inspired me to continue on this path of self-discovery, growth and service to the community and humanity as a whole. I really enjoyed the way the curriculum was delivered, it was well organized with consideration for our mental and physical needs. I loved the Ayurveda and the Alignment, such practical application to ensure safety and well-being of the students. The morning meditations by the ocean made me feel alive. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. –Victoria

I definitely and highly recommend this program - great teachers, good food, clean environment. The study of the Yoga Sutra’s and the dharma talks were my favorite. – Sylvie

Liz is a great teacher, generous, humble, dedicated and very professional.  I really couldn’t ask for any better.  The way she explains things is amazing and I so enjoyed all of her classes. The curriculum is very well developed, the variety of topics is great. The skills I acquired and strengthened throughout this course are uncountable.  I feel stronger and more confident in myself and I somehow can’t wait to go out and face my challenges with strength and confidence. My philosophical understanding of Yoga has expanded, the Yoga Sutra exploration was very powerful and inspiring.  I also really enjoyed the pose study and started enjoying many of the poses for the first time ever! – Dana

The study of alignment changed my life. My understanding of yoga has expanded 10-fold, my own personal practice has transformed and will continue to transform because of this training. I thought I loved Yoga before I came here…. I can’t even begin to describe how intensified my love for this practice has become. This experience has also taught me that don’t need much to be truly, genuinely happy. I loved the assisting verbal cue lessons, loved the Ayurveda, loved (though I struggled) the meditation, the therapeutics were so helpful and relevant to my life. Liz and Serena are so on point with your process and your curriculum. I am coming away with the confidence I need to go out into the world and bring yoga to others. I could not have asked for a better training it was a beautiful, educational and transformative experience. – Tara

My primary intention for joining this program was to deepen my practice, which this Yoga Teacher Training has given me the tools to do. I am excited to embark on my daily personal practice and I feel confident about going home. I loved the diversity of the program, the alignment, the Ayurveda and Chakra study was my favorite as well as the loving support and connection between everyone. The Peace Retreat was a beautiful space, lovely people, good people and what an amazing beach for morning meditations! - Kathleen C.

I loved Serena’s chanting – simply exquisite! The alignment study was most helpful, informative and very well taught. I loved being able to practice yoga for most of the day, every day and I am coming away motivated and ready to commit to daily practice. – Kathleen Cator

The teachings of the program are beautiful, authentic and come from the heart. I have only dipped my toe into a vast ocean of yogic knowledge but this yoga teacher training has definitely provided me with an amazing foundation to build upon. Thank you Liz and Serena, for creating such a safe, supportive and nourishing environment. You have instilled so much confidence in me to grow and be the best version of myself. Learning about vinyasa flow, therapeutic alignment principles and holistic medicine through Ayurveda have allowed me to learn more about myself and the world. The community, the people, the teachings, the food and the location all contributed to a wonderful, deep and nourishing experience. I will cherish the memories forever!– Con

Liz and Serena, thank you very much for your wonderful teachings, your presence and really great organization of this Yoga Teacher Training. I feel empowered to continue my journey as a Yogi and a Yoga Teacher. I am also motivated to give my personal practice a bigger space in my everyday life. The Peace Retreat is wonderful, and indeed a very peaceful and beautiful place. I felt very comfortable and very safe here. I know that what I learned here will benefit every aspect of my life. – Erika

I really enjoyed the structure and format of this training, the teacher's approach, as well as the focus on alignment, anatomy, Ayurveda and chakras.  I now feel very strong and confident.  Emotionally I feel full and fulfilled.  My knowledge of Yoga is far greater than when I arrived and I feel the Ayurveda has the power to change lives. - Heather F.