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200 hour YA certified PRANA Yoga Teacher Training

The training is is a unique teacher training based on yoga tradition, Dharma, yoga philosophy, and meditation. The training is for not only those who are aspiring to teach but also to seekers who want to lead a better quality of life. The training is an integration of all aspects of yoga.


The Happyness Center8110407
203-242 Victoria Street, Kamloops CA

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Jul 23 to
Aug 26
09:00 amto19:00 pm

The schedule is on week in July 23-29 and one week in August 20-26.
Daily schedule is 9:00 am to 7:00 pm monday to sunday.



Full Description

As per the course requirements you will learn:
History of yoga: Learn about the founder of Yoga sutras (principles) and understand the ethical guidelines of yoga.
Asana Yoga: Practice various postures (standing, forward bend, back bend, twists and inversions) that are firm and pleasant to prepare for breathing and other yoga exercises. Have a deeper understanding of all aspects of yoga.
Pranayama yoga: Learn the philosophy and the art of various breathing techniques.
Yoga philosophy: Understanding of Hindu philosophy of yoga tradition. We will also learn about the koshas (layers of the body),
Chakras and Meditation: Learn the anatomy of chakras and how they play an important role in balancing your energies and practice the meditations for each corresponding chakras.
Mantras, Chanting, Kriyas and Bandhas: Learning the techniques of kriyas and bandhas to activate pranic energies. Practice yogic chantings and Sanskrit mantras to involve various cosmic energies.
Methodology: Structure, presentation, communication skills, management, and teaching styles.
Kinesiology: Learn the use of props to understand your posture and how application of the postures is used for alignment of the body.
Yogic life style: You will learn the yogic principles for healthy relationships, recognition of mind illusions (maya), how to control the mind, principles a yoga teacher must embody into their lifestyle.
Yoga anatomy and physiology: Learn the body endocrine system and how they interact with the chakra energy system.
Introduction to Ayurveda: Learn basic principles of gunas, doshas and Dhatus.
Introduction to Vedic Astrology: Learn basic theory about the divine architecture of life. Also learn how this science can help in prevention of crisis, gives foreknowledge and remedial measures.
Practicum: Witness and learn how to lead a yoga class and serve your community.