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200 Hour Yoga Alliance Hatha / Vinyasa Teacher Training Scholarships Available

200 Hour Hatha / Vinyasa Teacher Training conducted by Karen Russell and our certified UnityOne teaching staff located at our exclusive Malibu Ca location.


22917 PCH Suite 220, Malibu CA, US 90265

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  • Teacher Training

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Feb 21 to
May 2
03:00 amto18:30 pm

Our Hatha / Vinyasa Teacher Training programs are unique in that they are exceptionally practical – we teach people how to “teach” yoga with a clear, concise and comprehensive curriculum. Whether you want to be a yoga teacher, have a career in yoga studio management, own a yoga studio, or perhaps you want a life changing experience, our team is here to obtain your goal. What sets our 200 Yoga Alliance Hatha Teacher Training apart from other distinguished institutions is our on line component, and our continuing educational programs which will provide you with profound tools for optimal success.

Our certified team will provide you with a nurturing environment to guide you every step of the way so that you can deepen your own practice and teaching skills to enhance every aspect of your life. In our program you will learn intensive alignment, deep pranayama techniques, yogic philosophy and concepts, basic anatomy, meditation, ayurvedic (the sister science of yoga), adjustments, asana modifications, comprehensive understanding of safe sequencing, and our mentoring program to bestow the ultimate education experience.

Our 200-hour training is certified by Yoga Alliance, and once completed, qualifies you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at many fitness locations or at studios around the globe! Live, Love and Serve others with this gift of yoga!
The Hatha / Vinyasa teacher training course will provide a solid foundation which will allow you to incorporate this knowledge into many styles of yoga, such as; vinyasa flow, restorative, yoga therapy, kids’ yoga, senior yoga, and yin yoga.



Contact us now for the Scholarship price of only $2,000.00. We also have four FULL SCHOLARSHIPS available, but it is on a first come first serve selection, so if interested contact us now! We believe that everyone should be able to have access to this transformational information.

Full Description

The Hatha / Vinyasa teacher training course will provide a solid foundation which will allow you to incorporate this knowledge into many styles of yoga, such as; vinyasa flow, restorative, yoga therapy, kids’ yoga, senior yoga, and yin yoga.

Live, Love and Serve others with this gift of yoga!
Techniques, Training and Practice: The goal is to have a level one training that is Clear, Concise and Practical as to empower the students to be able to teach a level one class that is safe, conscious and interesting. Our Curriculum includes Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation, Ayurveda studies, the healing knowledge of Sound (chanting), Kriyas and Mudra.
Each student will understand the necessary components of each asana (posture), to empower them to create intelligent class sequencing.
Alignment: The alignment breakdown of each posture with asana points.
1. Anatomy: Understanding the basic anatomy of each posture.
2. Breath: Understanding the breath with movement for each posture.
3. Benefits: Benefits of the posture.
4. Risks: The common misalignments and risks of the posture.
5. Contraindications: Contraindications of the posture
6. Conscious Flow: Understanding the posture position in a flow as to making sure each postures builds onto the next so that the body is prepared for that specific asana.
7. Modifications: Modifications of the posture
8. Sanskrit: The Sanskrit pronunciation and an audio tape to help students learn the language
9. History of Posture: Understanding the history and story behind the name of the posture.
10. Adjustments: Adjustments and learning how to assist in each posture as to guide the student deeper into the asana.
As a student you will learn over eighty postures in a sequence with options so that you have a comprehensive understanding as to how to build an anatomically safe and vibrant class.
• Principals of alignment: Setting a student up for success through aligning the Mind, Body and Spirit to create a solid foundation for each and every class.
• Demonstration: The student will learn how to demonstrate through a clear and concise voice, practical alignment demonstration and how to create a path for an all level explanation of each asana.
• Observation: Each student will learn the importance of how to observe a student to understand as to where to support their needs in every aspect of their yoga practice.
• Assisting and Correcting: Our students will learn safe and simple adjustments as to better assist each student in their whole practice. They will learn how to listen and provide techniques on how to best approach a student with unconditional love.
• Seat of a Teacher: Every student will be given the tools as to how to take the seat of the teacher. You may be taking this course to enhance your physical practice, explore your true greatness, or you may want to become a yoga teacher. In all of these scenarios you will be taking the “Seat of the Teacher”. What does this mean? How can you enhance your skills to truly transition to this space with complete success? The answers will always transform as you continue to study yourself and others with complete unconditional love, gratefulness, and compassion.

Environment: Setting up the environment is the ultimate experience for the student. We teach our teachers how to best create a space so that the student can delve into their practice.
Our guidelines for this course are to complete the required class time, home work, and practice teaching while maintaining a personal yoga practice. The following is our list of guidelines to set you for the success of the course:
Training Expectations:
1. Attend all required sessions
2. Learn given material and complete all homework assignments
3. Attend at least three yoga classes a week and observe 12 classes and submit written review of each class
4. Be an active participant in the class
5. We require that you do one karma service during your studies ( this can also be a group venture)
6. Have an open mind and know that you are your best teacher.
7. Practice non- judgment
8. Have an open line of communication. Our teachers are here to enhance your training. Always know that you can come to them with all of your questions
9. To complete the course you must complete the practical and written exam. You also must make sure all payments of paid to receive your certificate.
Yoga Philosophy:
• History of Yoga: Our students will start by learning the history of yoga which will include the western understanding of ancient Indian History, Vedic period, Brachmanical Age, Upanishadic Age, Bhagavad Gita, Classical Yoga, Classical Samkhya, Tantic Age, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Krishnamacharya, and the Modern Age.

Course Focus of Philosophy:

• Yoga Sutras: Our focus for the level one Hatha Yoga Teacher Training will be on the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali.
• Course Study and Reading Material: Reading material from the Bhagavad Gita, Autobiography of a Yogi, Light on Yoga, The Heart of Yoga, Mind, Body and Spirit and The Four Agreements. Our students will understand the ethics for themselves and for others as to deepen their awareness of a yogi lifestyle to enhance their teaching and the lives of others.

Core Principals of Yoga Therapy: Understanding the core principles of this idea of yoga therapy to create an in-depth philosophy of teaching.


• Community Awareness: Required to explore different types of studios and yoga styles. This research provides the space to delve deeper into their personal exploration, while incorporating the importance of community.

• Personal Practice: Required to participate in at least three classes a week so that they can have a strong personal practice.

• Ayurveda: Our students will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda to better assist in a healthier lifestyle.

• Required Journal Time: Our course has created mandatory journal time to better support our students into the more subtle body.

• Meditation: We give our students simple meditation techniques as to prepare them as to how to create a deeper focus for their personal practice and the training.


Our students will have the guidelines from the course expectations, support from the teacher training team and the required material to best understand the ethics.

Components of setting the student up for success

1. Be Respectful
2. Be on Time
3. Let Go of Expectations
4. Become Humble
5. Understand the importance of service
6. Have an Open Heart and Mind
7. Be authentic
8. Have fun

Teacher Training Pricing:

The 200 hour teacher training course is priced to allow our students to obtain their certification. There are many 200 hour teacher trainings that will guarantee teacher placement, only to find out there is an extra fee, or that you have to pay over 4,000.00 for a mentorship program. UnityOne teacher training team, led by Karen Russell will give you the tools you need to teach anywhere. There are no hidden fees or reason to think you will need more training to teach a concise, safe and interesting class upon graduation. If you do feel you need more mentorship, then we can provide this training through our weekend mentorship programs, for a very reasonable fee.

Pricing: All of our payment options include all course materials. There is a $500.00 dollar deposit, which will hold your space for the training. The $500.00, is a non-refundable deposit, however; if for some reason you can’t commit to the training, you have one month prior to the date of the training to cancel for full refund. If you miss the time limit, the $500.00 is a credit toward all of UnityOne’s classes, workshops, lifestyle programs, online products and future trainings. We have a deposit structure to ensure smaller trainings and commitment. All payments can be processed easily with any major credit card through a secure PayPal sight. If you have a particular issue. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can help you.