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200 hour yoga teacher training

Hello Connections,

I am offering online yoga teacher training, over the weekends, starting July. If you, or anyone you know, want to immerse deeply in understanding your bodies through yoga consider signing up. This is the only time Yoga Alliance is approving a full 200h training online due to the pandemic.


Irum Naqvi7486157
373 Front St W, 1206, Toronto CA

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles


Jul 4 to
Sep 30
10:00 amto14:00 pm

Extended over the weekends this training will follow the curriculum registered with Yoga Alliance.
The training will be over Skype. A half hour for lunch and bathroom breaks.



Full Description

Curriculum 200 hours TT:

1. Anatomy & Physiology -
Body and mind prana relationship 

Effects of structural alignment 

Postural alignment 

Common injuries 

2. Study of Asanas
Teaching Technique
Vinyasa Flow/Asana

Integration of Bandhas

3. Study of Pranayama

Nadi Shodhnam


Study of Energy Systems
Meridians and Nadis 

Study of the Chakras 

Chakra Balancing Meditation 

5. Study of Energy Bodies
Physical Body (sthula sharira) - manifestation of the gross body
5 senses as objects of the mind 
- Light and Energy Body (sukshma sharira) 

Wisdom or Causal body (karana sharira) 

6. Yoga Philosophy
Patanjali Sutras yamas and niyamas
- Lifestyle - "be the change you want to see" 
- Taking yoga from the mat to real life

7. Teaching Methodology
Delivery and design of yoga sessions 

Clarity of language 

How to teach yoga postures to beginners 

Creativity in leading a yoga session 

Finding personal style