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2015 Yoga & Health Revolution

Yoga by the Sea's 2015 Yoga & Health Revolution ~ April


107 Wilcox Road, Suite 109, Stonington CT, US 06378

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Mar 29 to
Apr 30
02:30 amto12:15 pm

Join our New Year's Revolution! 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga, Workshops & More!



$199.00 +Tax

Full Description

Join Yoga by the Sea’s 2015 Yoga & Health Challenge!
Only $199 ~ (a $350 Value)

Create positive change toward health & wellness with Yoga, Private Sacred Healing Sessions, Reiki, Workshops and more at Yoga by the Sea! Treat yourself or a loved one to our 2015 New Year’s Revolution with practices that enhance health and wellbeing!

Included in the 30 Days? Possible Yoga Classes:

All Yoga by the Sea Classes Include Medatation & Pranayama (Breath Techniques)
Gentle to Moderate Classes
Vinyasa Flow Classes
Kundalini Classes
Restorative Yoga & Healing Touch
Forrest Style, Anusara, Hatha Blend

Workshop & Private Session Elements

Sacred Energy Healing
Guided Meditation
Restorative Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Chakra Healing


~ 30 Days of Yoga!

Experience 30 Days of Healing, Rejuvenating, Empowering, Energizing & Transformative Yoga. Our classes include: Basic Yoga, Gentle to Moderate, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga, Forrest Style / Anusara, Restorative Yoga & Sacred Touch and more! Check our ‘Class’ page for complete schedule!

~ Healing the Chakras: a Private Chakra Healing Session with Casey Gash, BFA, RYT

Experience a journey of self-discovery exploring self-empowerment Chakra Healing with Casey Gash, RYT. Visualization & Awareness Techniques for Healing, Together we will begin to see the Roadmap of the Chakras, you initiate your healing in our Private Treatment Room.

Explore your energy centers which hold the information of your subtle energy body. You will be guided through the 7 Chakras of the subtle energy body, and given simple tools to navigate these energy centers, heal and attune to the multi-facted dimensions of your energetic livlihood. Attuning to the Chakras, the spiritual subtle body, helps access feelings, intuition & creativity, as well as manefesting prosperity, harmony in relationships & well-being. Healing the Chakras helps align your Soul’s Purpose ~ your Dharma.

Casey Gash BFA, RYT is a modern mystic, poet & visionary artist, exploring the metaphysical landscape through channeled writings, drawings & dreams. As a seeker of Love & Truth, Casey’s lifetime passion has been the study and experience of Spirituality, Humanism, Mysticism & Creativity. Casey is a Kripalu-certified yoga instructor, co-founder of Yoga by the Sea & Metta Journal™. Visit for more information about Casey.

~ A Private Reiki Session with Christina DeWick from Healing Thru Touch

Experience a 30 minute private Reiki Session with Ciristina DeWick of Healing Thru Touch. Reiki is universal force life energy. This energy relaxes the body and reminds the body that it knows how to heal itself. This is accomplished by a series of specific hand placements, which is why it is referred to as the healing touch. At the beginning of your session, you may ask Chris to focus on sending reiki for a specific purpose or bring reiki for overall well-being.

~ A Private Sacred Energy Healing Session with Mairéad Hardiman, LMT, RYT

Experience a private 45 minute Sacred Healing Session with Mairéad Hardiman, LMT, RYT. Mairéad will utelize crystals, heated sea stones, Ayurvedic aromatherapy, celtic tree essences, sound healing with bowls and mantra to facilitate healing in mind, body and spirit.

~ 50% off a Reflexology with Katie Reflexology Session

Reflexology is a noninvasive form of complimentary and natural healing that uses firm and gentle pressure to stimulate reflex points on the feet. Stimulating a reflex point on the foot promotes health in the corresponding areas of the body that are connected to the reflex. This stimulation releases endorphins into the body which results in deep relaxation. (This discount is a $30 savings)

• Workshops Including:

Relaxation & Yoga Nidra ~ Workshop

(Included in the Challenge, can also be booked individually, scroll down Workshop Menu)

April 12, 4:30-6 pm

~ A Guided Experience of Deep Relaxation in Divine Rest & Conscious Awareness ~ No Yoga Experience Needed ~ All welcome!

Yoga Nidra (‘Yogic Sleep’ done relaxing in ‘Savasana,’ resting on the floor) explores relaxation by diving into deeper levels of conscious awareness, relieving stress & tension. Yoga Nidra cultivates a ‘Salkalpa’ (intention) to initiate transformation & healing. Wear comfortable clothing & be prepared to take a journey of self-awareness & experience deep relaxation on all levels of being!

Relaxation & Reiki ~ Workshop

(Included in the Challenge, can also be booked individually, scroll down Workshop Menu)

April 19, 4:30-6 pm

Restorative Yoga
Guided Meditation

~ No Yoga Experience Necessary ~ All are welcome!

Experience a session of deeply Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditation with Casey Gash, RYT and Reiki with Chris DeWick, Reiki Master. Restorative Yoga facilitates deep release & relaxation of the body’s musculature & Guided Meditation relaxes the whole being to create the environment for healing. Reiki is universal life energy guided by a trained Reiki practitioner to encourage the body to heal. Experience Reiki with Reiki Master Chris DeWick, owner of Healing Thru Touch.

• Special Gifts!

~Buddha Chocolates (Antioxidant Rich, Vegan Available)

~Yoga by the Sea Eye Organic Flax & Lavendar Eye Pillow

& More TBA!

~ Only $199+tax

How do I start?

After you purchase the 30 Day Challenge, you may start it any day January - March. Take Yoga for 30 Days, Workshops, Receive a Private Sacred Energy Healing Session, a Private Chakra Healing Session, Receive 50% off Reflexology with Katie and receive Special Gifts! Join now to take advantage of all the workshops!


Begin in April
30 Days of Yoga starts date of your first visit, you may purchase it in advance!
If using a Yoga by the Sea Gift Card, pick your date to start, just come in and redeem your certificate!
Yoga Nidra & Relaxation & Reiki run monthly, you may substitute if necessary within the next few months.
Classes subject to revisions. In the case of weather closings, extra days will be added to your pass.

Classes subject to revisions. In the case of weather cancellation dates, extra days will be added to your pass.

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