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2017 Sound & Silence Gatherings - MOVE LISTEN BE

Three conscious gatherings over three weeks on the magical island of Corfu. One stage, One family, One love. Join us with meditative arts & music as we journey from the periphery to the centre, celebrating & communing with conscious community!
MOVE: 4 days of movement
LISTEN: 6 days of music
BE: 4 days of meditation


Sep 2 to
Sep 22
20:00 pmto23:00 pm

Three conscious gatherings over three weeks on the magical island of Corfu.

MOVE: 2 - 6 SEPT
BE: 18 - 22 SEPT


325 €

Full Description

Sound & Silence Gatherings: MOVE LISTEN BE

Let us take you on a journey into the heart space, amongst conscious community, underneath the olive trees on the magical island of Corfu.

This is no ordinary gathering.

It has become a living retreat, a conscious community of heart-centered beings from all walks of life who come together heart to heart.

These gatherings are a return to the essence and purity of conscious live music, dance and the meditative arts. We are a conscious & clean gathering with no drugs & no alcohol.

AND WE BELIEVE TO TRAVEL AS ONE FAMILY - so there is only ONE stage and ONE an overwhelm of choices; instead we journey together with intimacy, mastery, love & community <3

Sound & Silence gatherings will always be intimate, mindful and artistic, rooted in the heart and with the spirit of togetherness, collaboration and celebration.

We feel that keeping it small and intimate is a big reason behind the special vibe and strong unity we create together. Our focus is, and always will be on creating an abundance of magic for all to enjoy.

Our carefully selected performers are not only gifted with great talent, but they are also good people with an eagerness to support, collaborate, connect and create as well.

Their presence, openness and accessibility are just one of many reasons why Sound & Silence has become a unique gathering sought out by both performance artist and guest alike. There is a shared resonance between all of us in attendance, a kindness and joy that spread from smiling face to smiling face.

With healing music and meditative arts leading the we will enter into the joys of sound & silence, and the blissful realms of movement & meditation.

*** We are limited to 300 tickets ONLY! This is a super intimate and special the best to you as if right in your living room! ***

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2 - 6 SEPTEMBER 2017
The first offering of the Sound & Silence Gatherings is MOVE - four delicious days of connecting to the body & spirit through dance, yoga & conscious movement-based practices.

Knowing how to effectively express & channel physical energy can have a profound effect on our ability to discover inner silence. Thus, we created this week of offerings to MOVE the body, breath & energy so we can celebrate our journey into the heart, into being.

MOVE includes 4 days of:
Movement-based Modalities
Dance Meditations
Ecstatic Dance
Live Drum Dance Jams
Active Meditations
Inspiring Music Journeys & Relaxation
Performances & Rituals
And More!

Through MOVE, our vision is to inspire, connect, play and celebrate life. This gathering is the moment where you can sink into your body, breathe deeply and feel. It is the gathering where you can welcome the sunrise with sun salutations and dance away with the sunset. It is a playground for laughter, tears, expression, healing & release.

​9 - 15 SEPTEMBER 2017
The second offering of this triad of gatherings is LISTEN, six incredible days of connecting to the heart through the power of sound, musicality & meditative arts.

When we actively LISTEN with our whole being, we awaken to the magnificence of each moment, allowing connection, co-creation & gratitude. It is here, in LISTEN, that we find the balance of pure artistry and authenticity of being, that delicate edge which exists between sounds & silence.
LISTEN focuses more on offering conscious sound-based practices to further prepare us for the journey into silence.

Through LISTEN, our vision is to inspire, connect & commune. This gathering is the moment where you can commune through musicality. It is the gathering for finding your soul song, your spirit tribe, your voice and your rhythm for this sacred life.

9 - 15th Sept, 6 days of:
Daily yoga sessions to live music
6 days of different sound, breath & dance workshops
Musical satsangs, kirtans & sadhanas led by excellent musicians
Sound healing journeys
Meditative concerts that leave your soul flying
Evening music experiences with a host of musicians

18 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2017
The third offering of Sound & Silence is BE, four blissful days of integration & connecting to the spirit through meditative arts, sound healing, breathwork, massage & being. When we celebrate the meeting between sound, movement and stillness, we can simply BE.

BE is a conscious retreat with choice, a mindful gathering of light hearted souls who wish to delve deeper into themselves and take a mind break. Here, individuals will learn to be silent, feel and experience in dozens of new ways.

Carefully chosen musicians, meditation guides, yoga and breathwork facilitators, and sound healers will bridge the gap between meditation and solitude, between shared listening and non-verbal communication. Each day is focused on bringing the individual fully into the present moment while being in a deep listening space, allowing the listener to become the sound.

18 - 22nd Sept, 4 days of:
Daily relaxing yoga sessions to live music
4 days of different massage & meditation workshops
Silent meditations led by excellent musicians
Open afternoons to enjoy our blue flag beaches, mud baths and more
Early evening meditative concerts
Evening music experiences with a host of musicians


Cristiano Martins (Biodanza)
Nuria Peguera (Sacred Flamenco)
Miriam Peretz (Sacred Dances of the Heart)
David Lurey (Storytelling Vinyasa Yoga)
Pascal de Lacaze (Ecstatic Dance)
Daniel Rojas (Embodied Dance, Peformances)
Gabriela Goncalves (African Dance, Performances)
Marina Tsartsara (Mind Body Medicine, Performances)
Rebecca Pflaum (Kundalini Yoga)
Aki-Ra Sunrise (Musician)
Danilo Tsuyoshi (Musician)
Hiroyuki Matsuhisa (Musician)
Sheila Chacko (Odaka Yoga)
Ellaya Mor (Poetry / Storytelling)
Netanel Goldberg (Poetry / Storytelling / Musician)
Rob Weber (Raio) (Ecstatic Dance)
Sophie SoFree (Ecstatic Dance)
DJ Kareem Raihani (Ecstatic Dance)
Dona Tumacder-Esteban (Embodying the Warrior's Way)
Pablo Gascon (Yogabeats)

Evening Concerts:
Estas Tonne
Mirabai Ceiba
Kareem Raïhani (Ecstatic Dance)

Morning Concerts:
Luis Paniagua
Ellaya Ayal Mor & Netanel Goldberg (Rumi's Wedding)
Brenda McMorrow
Minuk (Markandeya & Alejandra)
Carrie Tree
Igor & Arianna (music& shamanic workshop)

Sound Healings:
Joseph 'Pepe' Danza
Mitsch Kohn (piano)
Shastro (flute)
Sacred Earth
Reggie RiverBear

Morning Yoga & Music & Dance:
David Lee Lurey (Yoga Flow)
Mirabai Ceiba (Kundalini Yoga)
Jai-Jagdessh (Kundalini Yoga)
Amber Sawyer (Elemental yoga)
Riao & Sofie Sofree (Ecstatic Dance)
Daniel Rojas (Embodied Dance)

Group Workshops:
Elise Yuill Cohen (Alchemy of Intimacy & Voice)
Leanne Edwards (The Art of Earthwalking)
Satya Rita Rocha (The Way of the Shaman)
Nadine Ruiter (Breathing Into Love)
Vasumi Zjikaa (Mayan Dreamspell - The Web We Weave)

Dance Performers:
Miriam Peretz
Daniel Rojas

Poetry & Story Telling:
Ellaya Ayal Mor

Peia (concert)
Luis Paniagua music (concert)
Shastro Music (concert/meditation)
Joseph 'Pepe' Danza Official Fan Page (Multi-Instrumentalist)
Sacred Earth (concert/meditation)
Amber Sawyer & Daniel Rojas (Yoga, movement & dance)
Feeling Sounds (voice workshop/music)
intuitive music - Mitsch Kohn (piano)
Nils Glahn (Qi Qong)
Sakari Heikka (Sound Harmonisation)
Nadine (Yin Yoga, breathwork)

*** We are limited to 300 tickets ONLY! This is a super intimate and special the best to you as if right in your living room! ***

Purchase tickets here: