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2018-2019 Weekday Teacher Training

Whether you want to want to become a yoga teacher or deepen your practice, you will experience personal growth and hone in on your true purpose. This is a mentally, physically and emotionally challenging process designed to enable serious students to take their yoga off the mat and into the world and/or become inspired teachers.


8509 Oak St, New Orleans LA, US 70118

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  • Teacher Training

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Sep 10 to
Apr 12
2018 - 2019
10:00 amto14:00 pm

Meets one week per month: Monday through Thursday from 10am to 2pm.



Full Description

Welcome fellow traveler! By simply coming to this page, I know that you are looking for something more; something that gives your life meaning and purpose. This training is one way that you can accomplish this. I am grateful and honored to lead these trainings because I am allowed to witness tremendous personal growth and fulfillment in each of the students. I am honored to be the conduit of transformation that gives you, the student, the means to live mindfully in the world. This is where we learn to take our yoga from the laboratory of our mat and apply it in our everyday lives.
Hang on! You're in for quite a ride! ~ Namasté, Mia

Classes meet Monday through Thursday from 10am to 2pm the first four sessions; Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm the last four sessions. There are small breaks for snacks and integration. Your training includes unlimited yoga classes at Transform NOLA from September 10, 2018 through April 12, 2019. Sessions are during the following eight weeks:

September 10-13, 2018
October 16-18
November 5-8
December 4-6
January 14-18, 2019
February 11-15
March 22-26
April 8-12 (graduation!)

ATTENDANCE: This is a 200-hour Certification process. Transform NOLA is held to all of the rules of the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School (RYS) and a certain amount of face-to-face instruction is required. All of the sessions and assignments are to that purpose and are therefore required in order to successfully complete this program. If you miss an entire week due to illness or an unavoidable obligation, then you can make up that session with the next year's training group or schedule a make-up session at an additional cost. What is asked of you is to be seriously committed to this process and to do your very best. Over and above that is to apply yourself to this process in the way you would want your students to apply themselves when under your tutelage. If you have physical limitations, this training is not off limits to you. I do request that you be able to stay with the asana sessions in their entirety even if some of that time is in child’s pose or seated. Often, it is when we come up against our own limitations (frustrations, fears, etc.) that we learn best how to help someone with theirs. You will not be practicing while you teach, so physical limitations will not interfere with that.