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21 Days Hatha/Ishta Tradtional Yoga Teacher Training

Pathways Academy of Life - Yoga Teachers Training Certification is a 21-day curriculum in the ancient art of yoga, its tradition, psychology, and philosophy. This yoga teacher training teaches one how to integrate the age old teachings and modern day life, into a way of being, bringing balance, and fulfillment to life. We host YTT monthly.


Pathways Country Yoga Retreat
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Pathways Country Yoga Retreat, Kwa Zulu Natal ZA 3740

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  • Teacher Training

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Jun 28 to
Jul 20
14:00 pmto10:00 am



Full Description

This program are for those who wish to transform their life, awaken and merge with their soul, connect with the Guru within and deepen their knowledge and experience of yoga. You will discover who you are and what you are capable of and learn scientific techniques for self-realization. The world is on the brink of 'awakening'. This course will prepare you for what is emerging, and help you understanding the working of the subtle body and its needs to breeze through the times we are going through and share this with a passion.

Pathway Country Yoga Retreats yoga teacher training covers the following topics:

The meaning of yoga
A spiritual life
The science and philosophy of yoga
Anatomy of the physical body: circulatory, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, muscular skeletal, immune and genitor urinary systems etc
Anatomy of the non physical body: the chakras, nadis, kundalini, aura, ida, pingala, sushumana
The joint operation of the physical and non physical bodies
Energy balancing - disease and pranic healing.
Anatomical and physiological studies
Understanding the role and operation of mind, body, and emotions
The mind psychological studies including, mind, mental states, and affect of yoga on the mind.
Asana (postures) benefits, contra-indication, healing, and breathing
Asana correction techniques, training & practice of asanas, pranayama, kriya, mantra, and meditation
Teaching techniques and methodology including voice projection, class planning, and teacher qualities
Techniques to develop and teach with intuition
Principles of demonstration, observation, assistance, and correcting
Pranayama including all breath techniques
Yoga Nidra
Meditation (Pratyahara, Dhyana, Dharana, Samadhi) including trataka, silence and 20 meditation practices
Shatkarmas purification
Patanjali's eight limbs of yoga
Sutras of patanjali
The paths of yoga
Mudras & bhandas
Mantra and yantra
Gunas and tattvas
Compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude
Facing challenges
Ethics and lifestyle
Diet/Introduction to Ayurveda
Self study and journaling
Processing of psychic scars
Getting started: class settings and goal setting
Spiritual life coaching

A 200-hour RYT Pathway Academy of Life Yoga Teacher certificate
Membership with Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa
Yoga Teacher Fellowship Members are automatically International Yoga Federation members
Registration with World Yoga Alliance (WYA)