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22 Day 200hr Level 1 Ashtanga & Vinyasa Teacher Training, Spain

This course is not just for people who want to teach yoga. It is for everyone who needs time and space to take a break from your normal routine and touch base with the deeper levels of your Being. This is your chance to recalibrate every aspect of your life; how you live, what you eat, think, do, how you feel about yourself and the world.


., Almegíjar Granada, ES .

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  • Teacher Training

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Aug 30 to
Sep 20
16:30 pmto13:30 pm


2,695 €

Full Description

This yoga teacher training course in Spain invites you to enjoy great weather, fantastic setting, rich culture, and a relaxed ambiance whilst studying yoga.

This is a special opportunity to practice yoga with like-minded people and professional teachers in a safe and supportive environment. The aspiration of this retreat is to embody and embrace the spirit of yoga in your everyday life.

This Inspirayoga teacher training is an opportunity to enter a transformative healing journey, as only by healing and loving yourself first can you offer these qualities to others, by going through the experience instead of just talking about the theories behind it.

During the training you will be guided on a special journey of discovery and exploration into the deeper realms of the self, which for many can be a life-changing experience. Much of the yoga world today reduces yoga to mere gymnastics and fails to express the knowledge and understanding reflective of the true essence of yoga.

Thankfully, Inspirayoga teachers and practitioners are amongst the more informed yogis who have embraced and embodied authentic yoga teachings, not just practicing yoga, but living yoga, guiding individuals to achieve and utilize yoga in one's life to transform one's daily living.

Of course it is also a teacher training that gives you teaching skills and a certification to teach (The certification that you receive is accredited by the Yoga Alliance so once you successfully complete the training your status as a teacher will be internationally recognised.).

Inspirayoga teachers have trained in many different styles of yoga and therefore will cover a wider variety of postures and sequencing than you find in traditional primary series of Ashtanga. We want teachers to be out there teaching what they know and love in their own unique and individual way and this training gives you the skills, confidence and practice to do this.

We like to guide you towards establishing a strong self practice and a more yogic lifestyle as well as giving you the teaching skills should you wish to teach yoga to others. In our experience all our trainees blossom to become integral yoga practitioners with a great understanding and holistic approach to yoga that they can competently share with others should they wish to.

Many of the asanas classes are given in an Ashtanga/Vinyasa flow style focusing on cultivating awareness of the foundation, breath, bandhas and the core through an explorative approach which ultimately encourages students to nurture their own style. The broad range of Meditation, Purification and Pranayama techniques inevitably add a brand new dimension to the yoga practices of all who attend.

The training is open to all levels and abilities which from a teaching point of view allows us all to see and work with the varying challenges and abilities that different bodies can express. We feel that each student brings their own personal understanding and practice to the trainings and the learning process is one of sharing and growing together as a group as well as individually. The presentation of the yoga teachings are such that both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners who come to study with us often find their practice is completely transformed.

All participants are collectively and individually encouraged to let go of the usual inhibitions and judgments that often restrict spiritual growth and evolution.

The tears and laughter, joy and sadness, fears and loves are encouraged to be freely expressed. The aspiration is to embody and embrace the spirit of yoga in one's everyday life.

Training with InspiraYoga is more than just a level one, 200-hour yoga teacher training, this course is an intensive immersion to explore and nurture yourself through practices that facilitate physical, emotional, and mental growth and empowerment.

Highly experienced passionate teachers will take you on a journey of yogic living, conscious eating, self-healing, and self-love, guiding you towards making positive and beneficial changes that support a more holistic, healthy, and yogic lifestyle.