24 Days 200 Hours Teacher Training in Germany

*Learn to teach an inspiring, intuitive and deeply meditative yoga practice
* Learn how to integrate tantric philosophy into your daily life
* Engage in a personal and transformative process
* Enjoy the ritual
* Connect with yourself through a range of experience based Art forms
*Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International certification



Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 89, Bad Belzig Berlin, DE 8914806

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Jun 23 to
Jul 17
18:00 pmto13:00 pm

two half a day free

We will realize this retreat in the ZEGG community close to Berlin


3,126 €

Full Description


The teacher training group consists of a maximum of 30 students facilitated by a competent and engaging, international teaching team.

Living in a retreat enables students to focus intensively on their training, away from every day tasks and distractions, fully immersing themselves in a process of learning and self-discovery. Students discover the joy of deeply engaging in yogic practice and lifestyle without their usual responsibilities and away from busyness of daily life.

65% of the course content is focused on tantra yoga, pranayama and chakra work.
Other practises are: Heyoca, Tantra Dance, expressive arts of the being; Shamanistic practices; tantric and shamanistic rituals; Durga’s Tiger Dance; applied Tantra philosphy

is rooted in Uttara Shaivism, or Kashmiri Shaivism, one of six Śiva traditions. Students approach the asanas from a place of relaxation, care, and love for themselves.
This yoga serie is hence practiced in a slow and flowing manner to build patience and awareness. Each asana is held gently for a period of time to allow students to relax into the posture. This way, each individual finds their own unique way of expressing the asanas without the pressure of competing or ‘performing perfectly’.

Tantra Yoga facilitators approach students as whole human beings and discourage ‘isolating’ or forcing muscles. Their priority is to hold a space of acceptance and love, with only minimal guidance where necessary.
Over time, students learn to meditate in the postures to connect with the Divine. This yoga specifically cultures the diaphragms and balances every area of life, including sexuality.

Please note that classes do not involve nudity or sexual contact. In advanced stages, deeper Pranayama practice, Bandhas, and Mantra practices are incorporated to culture Kundalini Energy.

The keys to vitality are breath, movement and voice.
With techniques for “freeing the voice” we make our cells vibrate and energies move. We get to know our voices in a completely new way. And we experience: Nada Brahma, the world is sound. We tune into the sound of the world and move important themes of our lives with it.

APPLIED TANTRIC PHILOSOPHY: During theory and practical learning classes students learn about tantra yoga philosophy and its application in every day life. Students learn the ayurvedic walking massage.

We sing mantras and sacred songs from all over the world and get to know the joy of singing together anew. With the songs we build a healing space among ourselves. Here the whole person belongs: Body, emotions, mind and soul. We learn songs without notes, which we can quickly sing “by heart”. As we deepen into them, connection and stillness emerge through sounding and listening.

Chakras represent developmental issues that we humans have to face step by step, anchoring in the family, detachment, growing in the field of tension with the opposite and finding our very own path. We learn to recognize archetypal patterns in the chakras and explore them through our own biographical history.

SHAMANISM: As the school is based in Ecuador and Iris is working with shamans of different tribes since 20 years, students also have the opportunity to learn about shamanism, its Cosmo-vision and its similarities with eastern culture. During the course, shamanistic energy concepts are explored together with the Tibetan tantric tradition. There are parallels in the way these two different traditions understand energy, astrology, subtle anatomy and physiology.

Art helps us to expand our possibilities of expression and with that to change our experience in the world. The clown approaches everything with surprise, rediscovering the well-known as a miracle. Authentically in touch with what is, he reveals his own emotions without shame. On the path of the clown we encounter our feelings, creativity and joy of life in every moment. In doing so, we question our “apparent normality” with humor and and thereby experience the world differently

In the ZEGG Forum we offer a space for heart-to-heart communication. Topics such as feelings, personal development, love or relationships are shared in this transformational process.
We experience tools for group communication that support us to get to know each other more deeply and to loosen emotional knots in a playful way.

What a great place for a Yoga teacher Training!

As this community works together since 25 years without having “leaders”, there is an inspiring knowledge about community life, networking and self -responsibility.

We decided to sleep in big tents, to hold the prices low – and it will be a beautiful summer adventure. We will have classes in nature and in a beautiful seminar room with wooden floors.
There is a little swimming pool and a lot of nature around for meditative walking.

TIGERSMILE - in september 2019 Durga´s Tiger School for Tantra Yoga Arts & Shamanism got a recognition: The International Yoga Platform "Book Retreats" has honored us as one of the top 5 yoga schools in the world to obtain an internationally recognized Advanced Yoga Teacher degree (500 hours YA Yoga Alliance & YAI Yoga Alliance International).
So you can make 200 hrs in germany, and if you want later go on to complete your 500 hrs in