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28 days 200hrs "Yoga & Shamanism" in Ecuador

On the base of Kaula Tantra Yoga we will learn to create our Sacred Space and make of the Yoga Practice a deep experience of self encounter
Discover the wide-ranging of the shamanic Cosmovision, the awaken of the memory, the path to the self-empowerment; the importance of th Sacred in everything in life, like Tantric tradition also teaches us.


Rumihuaico Alto, lote 169, Tumbaco - Quito EC 170184
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  • Teacher Training

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Apr 1 to
Apr 28
18:00 pmto14:00 pm

Week ends free

Weekend Offers
Yoga, Qi Gong or Arts laboratories
Work with a shaman and medicinal plants of the jungle, or the Andes
Day trips with Mushuk Alllpa Conscious Tour



Full Description

200 hours course certified by Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance organizations

The awaken of the memory, the path to the development of self-empowerment; the work with the concrete experience, heals our relationships with: ourselves, our ancestors, people around us, plants, animals, stones, mountains and everything surrounding us.

We will learn about the importance of the Ritual and the Sacred in everything in life, like Tantric tradition also teaches us.

All this work supported by the Kaula Tantra Yoga in which we will learn to create our Sacred Space and make of the Yoga Practice a deep experience of self-encounter

All this, will happen in the Sacred mountain of the Ilaló. a place of magic spirits and histories.


Course content is focused on Kaula Tantra Yoga
Partner Yoga
Kundalini Yoga and work on chakras
Morning meditations
Mantra Chanting
Intuitive Anatomy and Phisiology

yantra meditation
Shamanism and Cosmovision
Work with Arts
Medicine-songs of south america
Sound work
Medicinal Plants

Kaula Tantra Yoga works with deep relaxation. Students learn the feeling of flowing into the asanas without struggle, developing a deep form of Yoga Meditation.

Our Tantra Yoga is traditional. We work with asanas, bandhas, pranayama, mudras and mantras based on the teachings of Bhagavan Shanmuka Anantha Natha. The traditional form is unique because it changes not only the physical, but impacts the psychological and spiritual realms as well.

Sincere practice leads adepts students to release deep-seated tension and fears, and to express their true Self hood from a place of Love and Freedom. Ultimately, adepts experience a shift in identity and learn to view themselves and the other as a divine being. This yoga also naturally increases strength, flexibility, precision and health.
Please, read more about Kaula Tantra Yoga in our web page

With Kundalini Yoga we will explore and work on the chakras and we will approach a more western-oriented practice as kaula tantra is totally eastern-oriented. So that we will have a vision of the different focus in the Yoga world.
We will use the technology of Kundalini Yoga as a very effective as way to feel and work on our chakras system thanks to the use of asanas, pranayama and specific mantras.

We will approach the vision of the Kaula Tantra yoga practice in the classes of Intuitive anatomy and physiology in which we will develop a connection with our inner body intelligence, learn how to read it better and act according to it’s current needs. It’s about the combined powers of the mind and the physical body and the effect of being totally in harmony with the messages we perceive form our bodies in each moment.

Partner Yoga is perfect way to work on trust, connection and body communication. Sometimes going out from your comfort zone, other times feeling that your Sacred space is the Sacred space of the other. Enjoying the practice and finding a new way to play with yoga and create into it.

Students are given time for self-study, reflection, and practice teaching tantra yoga classes with each other, to the group and in front of a teacher. During the course of the month students also complete a written project.

Shamanism involves reaching a states of consciousness in order to perceive, interact and gain insights from the spirit world.
All shamans believe in the universal web of power that support all life. All elements of the environment are alive and all have their source of power in the spirit world. Rocks, plants, animals, clouds, and wind are charged with life and must be paid due respect for the maintenance of harmony and health.
Our job is to understand the balance of elements in nature and live in harmony with it.

In the Shamanism and Cosmovision classes we will focus on the following tools:

Ceremony of re-birth inipi-temazcal.
Conextion with the sacred elements
Ceremony of flowrishment
Ceremony of “limpia”, the energy cleansing with medicinal plants
Circles of medicine-chants
Guided meditations with drums
Power animal, sacred sapaces and landscapes, tree of life
The harmonics of the voice and secrets of magic sounds
Cacao ceremony
Sacred power plants ceremony (optional)

In the Art & Shamanism classes, we will explore the Heyoca the Sacred Clown.

The main role of this character is to act in a way that is different to the ordinary and accepted, sometimes precisely the opposite, in order to raise the awareness of ordinary people through… play! Yes! We can’t play or laugh at the world if we don’t start by laughing and playing with ourselves. Clowning involves deep transformation. It’s a kind of shamanism of ourselves that will reflect positively in the creation of our lives and relationships.