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3-Month Kriya Yoga Sadhana Retreat

The first weeks of the 3-month Sadhana Retreat we warm up and prepare with the Ajapa Japa and Antar Mauna meditations, asana, pranayama, shankaprakshalana (intestinal cleansing), sauna, kirtan and sufi-dancing. The main part of the retreat includes a period of silence of 21 days during which you are initiated into the Kriya Yoga.


Håå Kursgård 1, Hamneda SE SE 340 13
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  • Retreat

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Jan 25 to
Apr 22
18:00 pmto13:00 pm


3,890 €

Full price: 3890 EUR
Rebate price: 3310 EUR

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Kriya Yoga is a set of yoga, breathing and meditation methods; "kriyas" that touch and awaken all parts of your being. It helps you to unblock energy flows, cleanse the subconcious and allows you to reconnect with your true self.

“Kriya Yoga is a rite, a ceremony, a method, a sadhana. It is a method of refining one’s forces so that the individual awareness can penetrate the depth of one’s nature.” (Swami Satyananda)

“Anyone who is inclined to do something about his or her own development will be able to learn and use this dynamic and deep‑reaching tool. The possibility is there when the aspiration is strong enough.” (Swami Janakananda)

To avoid an intellectual ‘understanding’ from blocking the actual experience, Kriya Yoga is only revealed during the initiation. It is taught in steps, so that your body, mind and energy are prepared for each new kriya.

According to the tradition, the advanced Kriya Yoga should only be taught under the special conditions of an ashram. Our courses fully comply with this requirement.

In your free time be sure to enjoy taking a walk in the forest, canoeing on the lake - or horse riding. The wood fuelled Finnish sauna and floatation pyramid give you an extra dimension of relaxation.

The teachers on this retreat are Swami Janakananda and Swami Ma Sita Savitri.

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