300 Hour Yoga Therapy & Integrative Medicine Training

300 Hour Yoga Therapy & Integrative Medicine Training
for 500 Hour Master Yoga Teacher Diploma
Yoga Alliance International Certification

Become a 500 Hour Master Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance international certification.


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5 roberes 12578, valencia ES

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

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Jul 2 to
Jul 31
12:00 pmto12:00 pm

Arrival is expected to be on the 2nd of July. Students can also arrive the day before if they wish to do so



Full Description

This advanced course covers a breadth of topics and learning. After successful completion graduates can register with Yoga Alliance International as a 500 Hour Master Yoga teacher. Graduates can also register with the International Yoga Federation and The International Association of Yoga Therapists.
Course Objectives
This 300 hour Yoga Therapy Course for 500 Hour Master Yoga Teacher Training accreditation is a 4 week intensive journey in healing through exploring the subtleties of the asanas, their energetic links with the chakras, the Chinese acupuncture meridian’s as well as modern anatomy, physiology and Yogic psychology.
You will also learn how to evaluate your patients health using various methods of palpation as well as observation of posture and structural evaluation, listening skills, taking detailed case histories and interpreting the signs and symptoms of imbalance and disease.
The course syllabus divided into four parts;
1. Detailed Asana Practice
Asana Practice, Meditation, Pranayama, Sequencing, Pedagogy, Correction & Adjustment Techniques
2. Evaluation Methods
Detailed interview ; questioning and how to evaluate the answers (questions on digestion, stools, sleep, pain, gynaecology etc). Observation (posture, the spine, facial diagnosis, movement etc) and listening skills. Abdominal palpation and back palpation (diagnosis through touch) based on Chinese Medicine and the Chakras. Structural assessment. Digestive and nutritional assessment
3. Treatment Methods
Asana, in depth understanding, recuperative, therapeutic, use of props. Breathing, mindset and pranayama. Meditation, guided meditation and scanning. Asana for specific chakras, meridians, organs and muscle groups. Relaxation techniques, types of Savasana (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual). Nutrition and eating habits. Mantras, chanting, colour therap. Hands on Techniques: basic back Shiatsu and Kinesiology, including all diagnostic zones on back and front of the body as well as the main acu-points. Abdominal Shiatsu or Hara Shiatsu, Chakra Balancing, basic hip, shoulder girdle and diaphragm adjustments, neck, head and shoulder treatments.

4. Theory
Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. The Chakras and Chinese Acupuncture Meridians. The workings of subtle energy or Prana. Yoga Psychology based on the Charkas and the 5 Koshas. Philosophy and Spirituality; choosing the path, purpose, meaning and goals of life; detachment and transcendence
5. Yoga Therapy for Illnesses and Problems relating to the following Systems
signs of bad health and stress / 2. Backache / 3. Respiratory System / 4. Circulatory System / 5. Digestive System and Nutrition / 6. Urinary System / 7. Nervous System / 8. Hormonal System / 9. Immune System / 10. The Skin / 11. Women’s health / 12. Men’s health / 13. Mind and Emotions