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300 hour Yoga TTC in Rome, Jan-May 2020

****Dharma Yoga Inspired, Kundalini Tantra and Sound Energy Healing 300 hours YTTC with Shir Shemesh, and Lola Lhamo. Satlaya Yoga Journey****

3rd-12th January, 13th-22nd March, 22nd-31st Mai 2020. At Lhamo Yoga & Sound Art Studio, located at Palazzo Altieri, Rome.


Jan 3 to
May 31
13:00 pmto21:00 pm


1,800 €

Full Description

****Dharma Yoga Inspired, Kundalini Tantra and Sound Energy Healing 300 hours YTTC with Shir Shemesh, and Lola Lhamo. Satlaya Yoga Journey****

3rd-12th January, 13th-22nd March, 22nd-31st Mai 2020. At Lhamo Yoga & Sound Art Studio, located at Palazzo Altieri, Rome.

**About the Program**
This program is design for yoga teachers who wish to deepen there own knowledge and practice towards more subtle aspects of the yogic practices, as well as to get new inspiration and support for there own teachings. The program can fit also to experienced yoga practitioners, who wish to explore other type of practices apart from Asana.

We will focus in this program on Dharma Yoga, Kundalini Tantra, Sound Energy Healing, Mantras and Bhakti Yoga, Subtle Anatomy, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Hands on Adjustment and Yoga Philosophy (Classic and in the view of Neuroscience). Dharma yoga, the main inspiration of this program is a heart opening and mind-expanding yoga practice following the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra, who has been teaching yoga since 50 years.

The Asana practice during the course will be in the mornings Dharma Yoga, which is a Hatha-Vinyasa mixed style, and in the afternoons Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra.
There is a limit of 12 students in this training. This way, we can make sure that we give individual attention and support that each student needs during this very special time.

**Course Curriculum and Yoga Alliance**
In the Satlaya Yoga school 300 hours yoga TTC you will get a Yoga Alliance certification, upon the completion of the contact hours, as well as the home-works and given Self practice, between the modules. These 300 hours can be added to any basic TTC (200 hours) to register as a RYT 500 hours, Yoga Alliance teacher.

As part of the program there will be pre-reading and home-works, and given Sadhana in-between the modules. The pre-reading and home works are specified below the program.

These following topics will be covered during the course in theory and practice:

**Kundalini Tantra**
Kundalini Yoga is part of the Tantric tradition. Tantra and Kundalini are dealing with transformation of matter and energy, using the Chakra system (energy centers) to transcend our consciousness, by activating the dormant potential of our body, called Kundalini. The seat of Kundalini is in the base of the spinal cord. Yogis have found systematic ways to awaken this potential power and let it flow freely up along the spine.

In this field we will explore:
+ Subtle anatomy: The Chakra System, The main Nadis (energy tubes) and their function, The 5 different Pranas and the Psychic passages.
+ Meditations/Concentrations: the old Tantras offer various dynamic meditations to activate the different Chakras and Nadis.
+ Advanced Pranayamas: Nadi Shodhana (Alternated nostrils), Bandhas (energy locks), Mudars, Khumbaka (breathe retentions), Sheetali (cooling pranayama), and much more.

** Hand On Adjustment and Dharma Yoga**
+ How to perform a posture in a correct alignment.
+ How to analyze a yoga pose, according to 5 basic key points.
+ What are the different ways we can Adjust a student.
+ How to perform hands on Adjustment. We will share a few important guidelines for this art, and will have lots of practice.
+ How to create a successful and balanced sequences, which serves different goals.
+ Exploring what one can do with Variations of Poses.
+ Exploring Advanced Yoga Asana.
+ Teaching practice and Practicum.

**Sound Energy Healing, Bhakti yoga and Nada Yoga**
+ Sound energy healing with singing bowls. (level I certification)
+ Chanting overtones and Mantras.
+ Sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls and gongs.
+ What is Bhakti yoga, the yoga of the heart.
+ How to transcend our emotions through chanting.
+ What are Mantras, their meaning and use.
+ Laya yoga, the yoga of absorption of the mind into the inner sounds

**Yoga Nidra**
+ We will practice 2-3 times a week Yoga Nidra.
+ Learn how to build our own script of Yoga Nidra.
+ Practice on your own as part of your Sadhana.
+ Teaching Practice of Yoga Nidra.
+ Theory of Yoga Nidra: what is its goal and origin. What are the most important ingredients of this practice. How to guide and support your students before and after the practice Yoga Nidra.

**Yoga Philosophy in the eyes of Neuroscience and Quantum physics**
+ We will read together from the following scriptures and discus different ways to interpret their meanings; The Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and Gheranda Samhita.
+ During the readings we will focus how these scriptures can be applied in our daily lives.
+ How neuroscience and quantum physics scintists hold a similar point of view as some Yogic scriptures.
+ Other topics to be covered are Yamas and Niyamas, Advaita Vedanta, Karma and Karma Yoga, and different definitions, paths and goals of yoga.
**Yogic cleansing**
+ Learn in theory about the different cleansing yogic techniques called Shatkarmas.
+ Will practice daily tongue scraping, nasal cavity cleansing (Jala Neti and Neti Sutra), and will explore cleansing of the stomach (Vamana Dhauti, Agni Sara, Nauli). That will be optional!

***Daily schedule for example***
In some days and optional 6h-6h30 yogic cleanses
6h30-8h00 Kundalini Tantra practice
Tee break
8h15-10h15 Dharma Yoga
10h15-10h45 Breakfast
11h00-12h00 Class
12h00-14h00 lunch break
14h00-15h15 Class
15h15-16h45 Class
17h00-18h30 Yin yoga/Yoga Nidra/hands on Adjustment
18h30-19h15 Light Dinner
19h30-20h30 Satsang: Meditation, Chanting and spiritual discourse.

***Course fees***
Super early birds – 1800 Euro (before 3rd July)
Early birds – 2000 Euro (Before 3rd August)
Regular registration – 2300 Euro (After 3rd August)
Registration fee – 250 Euro (non refundable, but will reduced from the total fee) need to be paid in order to keep your spot. Also one should fill up an application form, which you can ask for in the following mail.
For registration contact: /> The course fees include teachings, the course manual (in English), snacks and tea, and Shatkarma (yogic cleansing) tools.
Course fees don’t include: traveling costs, accommodation and food.
Location of the course: Lhamo Yoga & Sound Art Studio, located at Palazzo Altieri, Rome.

For more information about Shir Shemesh check out:

Webpage of the program and about Lola Lhamo:

***Home-works and practice before the course***
+Reading the Hatha Yoga Pradipika (recommended translation by Brian Dana Akers), the Yoga Sutras (recommended translation by Sri Swami Satchidananda), and from Kundalini Tantra of the Bihar School of yoga: read the first section “Kundalini”
+There will be questions assignment on these reading send to you, one month prior to the beginning of the training.
+Watching the videos for the Pranayama practice.

Looking forward to see you on the training.
With the best wishes of health and inner peace
Om Namah Sivaya
Shir Shemesh, Mariella Matic and Lola Lhamo