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300 hours intensive Yoga Teacher Training and certification

Darjeeling is an enchanting and very popular hill-station in India. Also known as “the queen of hills” it is famous for its lofty snow-capped mountains, UNESCO world heritage toy train and beautiful tea gardens. It derives its name from the Tibetan word “Dorjee-ling” meaning place of the thunder bolt.


Sep 2
10:00 amto18:00 pm

Saturday = Half day
Sunday = Cultural, excursion day, Trekking / Off day


1,900 €

Full Description

At Himalayan Yoga Bliss and Wellness Centre we offer 200 and 300 hours Yoga Teacher's certification that is certified by Yoga Alliance recognised worldwide. This takes place in the beautiful Himalayan region of India backdropped by the majestic Kanchenjunga, considered to be the tallest mountain in the world for centuries., bordered by Nepal to the west and Bhutan to the east, this makes Darjeeling the ideal place for budding Yoga Teachers to understand a more traditional Eastern understanding and approach to Yoga.

We conduct our thoughtfully structured trainings to the needs of every Yoga student, with that extra attention to detail given to help students to reach their full potential during the course. We want our students to leave deeply satisfied with core introduction to various aspects of Yoga our fin depth 300 hours training provides and the continuation of their journey at a higher level. We are proud to say the majority of our graduates are already teaching at various levels worldwide, in reputed institutions, Yoga centres, or have had the confidence to start their own schools and studios.
Our 300 hours students also assist Teachers in various other teachings and activities to develop more confidence in Teaching and command on instructions.

During the course we introduce students to the four paths of Yogic philosophy along with yoga sutras of Sage Patanjali. This crucial part of the basic yogic philosophy is the foundation of knowledge throughout the course and expressed through physical techniques of Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas and total immersion into the yogic lifestyle.
Although the course is done with an emphasis on the ancient teaching we are also acutely aware of the modern needs and desires of the physical practises of yoga. During the Asana focused part of the course, students get to the physical practise of Yoga and its 3 major styles; Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. This gives them a strong base of knowledge on how these styles originated, how they can pass this ancient art to their students and also how they can include it in their own daily practice. Students will be given the opportunity to start designing and teaching portions of classes from the second week of the course allowing them the time to develop but also the confidence to teach while receiving positive and encouraging feedback and critique, allowing them to grow and improve as teachers.

Darjeeling is nestled in the beautiful Himalayas at an altitude of almost 7000ft. The serene beauty of this place enforces one to experience a close encounter with nature. It enables an individual to sense the oneness with the nature which is highly essential for a yoga seeker.

Every inch of its environment reflects the culture and tradition of yoga thus making it an ideal place for the practice of yoga. Thus we feel blessed to have had an opportunity to set up our yoga training center in such an appropriate location. We feel proud to have chosen this place for our yoga course as location plays major role in experiencing the true potential of yoga. Learning and exploring yoga at Darjeeling will become a memorable part of life. Apart from these, Darjeeling exposes you to a blend of Indian, Tibetan and Nepali cultures due to its location. So it is a wonderful opportunity to explore wide range of cultures and their relation to yoga in a single place. It is the best place to research the impact yoga can have on an individual to a society extended over to a country.

Darjeeling is acclaimed internationally for its world famous tea that shares the same protected status as champagne and cognac. Trekkers and adventure seekers have been flocking here for years to be face to face with the sublime grandeur of the Himalayas. The green slope of Darjeeling has diverse varieties of flora and fauna including Rhododendrons, Orchids, Magnolias, different varieties of coniferous pines and ferns. The majestic views of India’s highest mountain Kanchenjunga, considered the tallest mountain in the world for centuries has baffled travellers since time immemorial.
Our Yoga studio is blessed to have a panoramic view of this majestic beauty. Just being in its presence humbles all who stand before it.