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300 Hr Chakra based Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Go to the physical and beyond with our 300 hour, yoga alliance certified chakra course.

The study of one major chakra every three days, through theory and practical application. Related to specific asanas, pranayamas, kiryas, mudra, chants and meditations that influences energetic flow, and conscious awareness into each chakra. If your ready to make change and learn tools for self-transformation, and empowerment then training is for you.


Jalan pantai Balangan, Balangan South Kuta, ID 80361

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Apr 5 to
May 8
15:15 pmto15:15 pm

Opening ceremony begins at 4:00 pm



Early bird fee is $2600 which means full payment is received by Feb 1, 2015, After Feb 1st, 2015 payment increases $300

OPTION A) Course $2600 only

OPTION B) Course + Shared accommodation’s = $3300

OPTION C) Course + Single accommodation’s = $3625

Course fee includes the following


Full Description

An inward journey into the psychology of the chakra system, through theory, self study and practical application.
This advanced training focuses more on the subtle body then advancing with asana poses.

This course is designed to take you on a personal journey through the chakra system. In combination of theory and practical by deepening your relationship with self and have comprehensive understanding of the chakras and their significance on the physical body and daily life.

The theory and knowledge will assist to deepens your understanding both of the physiological and psychological connection of mind and bodies.
This knowledge helps to strengthen on relationship to yourself and the how you see the world.

Study one major chakra ever three days through theory, and practical application, related to specific asana, pranayama, kriyas, mudras, chants and meditation that influence energetic flow and conscious awareness into each chakra. Learn about the inner psychology of your deep subconscious, which is where we hold our subconscious programs and beliefs about our self and the world.
Through the content and depth of this training, it requires a sense of personal responsibility. As each of us have a shadow side, and this can create reactions, and discomfort for some. When we openly allow our self to look at personal program, we transform energy and consciousness awakens. The process of transformation is not always comfortable, yet we provide a sacred and supportive space for change to accrue. If you are ready to make a change and learn tools for self-transformation, healing, empowerment and want to understand the subtle bodies then this training is for you.

Course over view
In depth study of the seven major chakras
Asana mix of Hatha and Vinyasa
Asana methodology
Subtle anatomy and physiology
Intro to meridians
Prana vayus
Pancha Koshas
Self and group healing
Sun gazing
Yoga nidra
Nada yoga (mantra, chanting, voice freedom and sound healing)
Teaching practice


A mix asana blend of hatha and vinyasa.
Asana methodology. Detailed breakdown of the five groups of asanas. Standing, seated, forward, back bends, and inversions. Includes benefits and contraindications.
The correlating of the physical body to the endocrine system, elements, meridians and influenced chakra with each pose.
The art of mindful adjustments.
Teaching one to one, in small and large groups.
Structuring and sequencing an asana class.

Refine teaching skills, and voice projection.
Read the energy of the group and teach from what is needed.
The art of mirroring.
Observing and assisting
How to structure and sequence an asana class
Teach specific chakra related classes
What is sacred space
Assessments There will be various assessments given through out the course to confirm your understanding the theory of the chakras. Final Practicum is a choice of teaching a 2-hour asana class including meditation, mantras, and pranayama or a 2 hour workshop on the chakras.

Study the association to each of the seven main chakras. Explore how they influence our emotions, mind and body.
Explanation of the endocrine system and the association to each chakra.
Study of ida, pingla & sushumuna nadis & its connection to the nervous system.
Practical exercises to transform energy blocks.
The respiratory system.
The five kosha.
5 major and minor vayus.
The break down the three gunas.
The grunties, the inner locks within the bodies.

A one-hour daily practice of conscious breathing.
Deepen your deeper relationship with conscious breathing.
Introduction to seven various pranayama practices.
Kriyas: Daily internal cleansing for a lighter body and mind.
Bandhas:Preserve, transform and redirect the pranic energy through the use of bandhas, the inner locks.
Mudras: Redirecting and cultivate the pranic energy.

Various meditation techniques given 45 min practice daily.
Including chakra meditations, breath meditations and sound meditation.

Bhagavad Gita.
Yoga Sutras.
Living the yoga teachings in our daily life.
Values and discipline (Yama-Niyamas).

Rotation of conscious awareness.
This practices helps to relax the mind and body. Reprogram and tap into your subconscious.

NADA YOGA ( The yoga of sound)
Mantras / Chanting.
Bhajans (devotional songs).
Voice freedom with vocal play.
Healing with sound.

Business aspect of Yoga.
Ethics and values of being a Yoga teacher.
Marketing and advertising skills.
Responsibility as a yoga teacher.

Conscious eating.
How to preserve energy.
Mouna ( silence).

Sound healing journeys.
Sacred ceremonies.
Blind fold exploration – Pratyahara withdrawal of the senses
Acro Yoga.
Rebirthing breath work.
Yantra Yoga, learning about your life number through numerology.

SILENCE: All our breakfasts will be in silence and there will be selected days where all will be in silence aside from the teachers sharing in lectures. This encourages a preservation of energy and consciousness.


6:30 – 8:00 Meditation, Pranayama and Chanting
8:30 – 10:00 Asana
10:00 – 11:00 Breakfast (Silent)
11:00 – 1:00 Mix of theory and practical exercises
1:00 – 3:30 Lunch Break
3:30 – 5:00 Teaching Methodology/ Adjustments
5:00 – 6:30 Teaching Practice
6:30- 7:00 Nada Yoga 3 xs per wk
8:30 – 9:30 Yoga Nidra/ Chanting/ Satsang / movie 3 xs per wk

Training dates

April 5-May 8th 2015
Opening ceremony starts at April 5th 4:00 pm
Full day class begins at April 6th 6:00 am
Closing ceremony May 8th 11:00 am

33 Day course = $2600

Options for tuition and accommodations
Option A) Course + Standard accommodation's = $3300
Option B) Course + Deluxe accommodation's = $3625
Option C) Course only $2600 .Have the freedom to find your own lodging.

Tuition includes:

The Tuition fee includes the following
Training course
Balinese Massage
Trip to the sacred water temple
Healthy breakfast and lunch Check out the healthy conscious menu

What is NOT included.
Air fare
Tips for staff at venue
Evening Meals
Transportation to and from the venue

The Standard Room
Are set high on the hill side offering view on the whole coast.
Each room have a queen sized bed
Terrace facing the sea view and setting sun.
Each Room is decorated different and comes with a private bathroom
Plenty of storage space
Nice lights, a mirror, mosquito net and a fan.
Shared kitchen space fitted with fridge, cooking equipment and free unlimited drinking water.

The Deluxe Bungalow
King sized bed,
Is a big spacious bathroom with hot water shower and air conditioning.
Mosquito net.
There is free high speed wireless internet directly on the room and free unlimited drinking water.
Plenty of storage space.
Garden view and sea view
Private Terrace.

Method of payment
International Bank transfer or Paypal
Applicants are responsible for all bank and extra pay pal fees. If you choice to pay through pay pal an extra 3 percent has been added to the full payments. If you do not have a paypal account you can simply use your credit card.
To apply and reserve a space in our training send $300 US with your application. The booking amount is non-refundable. If you are not accepted your money will be fully refunded. It will be adjusted towards your total fee. The early bird fee requires you to sign and pay in full by Jan 31, 2015 prior to start of the course. After this date period, an additional $300 will be charged to the cost of Tuition.

Visa Information:
You have two options:
Apply for a "tourist visa" with the nearest Indonesian embassy prior to coming.
Get a 30 day visa on arrival (for most countries) and renew while your in the country. Our training is 33 days so we suggest that you apply before you come to save time and energy.
If you are unsure whether your country of residence is permitted to obtain a visa on entry to Bali please contact your local travel agent.
A reminder that all passports much have a six months validity remaining on your passport from the date of your return from Bali