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This course is designed for current teachers, grads of 200hr programs or committed practitioners. If you have not completed a 200hr training, lets still chat to see if this is the right course for you!


Jalan Sunset, Gili Air, Gili Indah, Lombok, Kabupaten Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83352, Indonesia, Gili Air ID

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  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Mar 30 to
Apr 29
00:00 amto00:00 am

- March 30, 2020 - April 29, 2020 at Kenza Yoga, Gili Air Island

- Most days run from early morning asana and end later in the afternoons.

- Visiting teacher, Doctor in TCM



Full Description


The mornings will begin with progressive asana. My style is strong holds (think a slowed down vinyasa or “power” practice with precision and alignment).

Each day there will be a focus anatomically and/or aligned with the theory of the day or previous afternoon. It will also be advanced in the sense that it will include, at minimum, an hour of pranayama and meditation and self-care practices. There will be an integration of Kundalini kriyas that are infused with longer meditations. Pranayama is a huge part of my personal practice/love and teachings. It will not be advanced in the sense that we will be doing wild backbends and inversions every day (only sometimes!)

The seven chakras: in relationship to our endocrine system

Understanding the human nervous system and stress – and how yoga helps/contraindications

Theory and hands-on work will include learning therapeutics for common injuries and ailments. This includes building your confidence in working with and around injured students while being respectful to other modalities of healing. It will not be a lesson in extensive anatomy – rather basic anatomy, study of classic ailments ( What is SI joint dysfunction? What is sciatica? What can we do as teachers?)

Body energetics, symbolic sight (seeing intuitively) and using your hands and words in a helpful manner. This is not a course to replace the knowledge of physios/chiros but rather to arm you with basic knowledge that will increase your confidence in working with private students and knowing how to respond with empathy and basic tools

Theming and in-depth sequencing of classes

Asana clinic with all the layers we learn

Journalling, pre-readings and homework preceding and during training


Dr. Brendt Reynolds, Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist will be joining us to teach and explore the nexus between TCM/Taoism with yoga asana and theory. He will teach the twelve main channels in TCM and Taoist philosophy; the five elements and mapping the anatomy of the channels on the body. Part of the learning will be via your body on the mat in a hatha-based asana practice – a somatic experience of the channels.

Brendt is a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and is a registered practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. He received his Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture in 2004 and his Master of Applied Science in Chinese Herbal Medicine in 2016. After his undergraduate course he continued training with a hospital internship in Nanning, China, followed by advanced clinical and post-graduate studies in Taipei, Taiwan. In the clinic in Taipei Brendt was fortunate enough to be instructed on how to treat pain and other musculo-skeletal disorders by Dr. Ye – the official acupuncturist in the 1990’s to the Chinese Taipei Olympic Team. Brendt has worked in synergy with a team of GPs, a gynaecologist, a neurologist, a psychiatrist and an osteopath. He treated a wide range of patients for both external pain disorders and internal medicine, and developed a special interest in gynaecological issues, postpartum care, menopausal syndrome, digestive issues, pain management, scar healing, stress management, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Extensive bio and Brendt’s website: Dr. Brendt Reynolds

Brandee Johnston, RYT 300 & 200hr, Director of Kenza Yoga, Gili Air – will also be joining us as a direct facilitator for us at Kenza. She will be contributing as a liason at Kenza and some teachings during some morning sessions. Brandee has over ten years of teaching experience from Vancouver to Asia. Her studies include hundreds of hours on the mat with Ana Forrest, Patrick Creelman as well as assisting Chris Chavez and Meghan Currie. Brandee has also studied plant medicine and shamanic practices over the years. She is generous in sharing her own healing path around body image, her own struggles and the healing medicine of yoga. She radiates an approachable kindness and earnestness that will have you feeling immediately at home. She has been living and teaching in Bali over a year and has recently accepted this leadership position with Kenza.

There will be pre-readings as well TBA upon registration.
Expect deep inquiry regarding both modern and ancient studies, a toe-dip into the world of Tantric studies, energetic studies (the application of energy anatomy in your own body and seeing it in others) and much more.


Certification of the 300Hr program will only be given upon completion of all the days, all non-contact hour homework and daily participation. If you miss over two and a half days you will be given a certificate of completion (rather than the official 300Hr to teach) so to uphold the standard of this program. The full certification will be given once the missed days are be made up post-training on a private level. I will explain this in person.

Completion of this course depends on your effort, consistency and attitude. It is required you arrive as an empty cup, regardless of your teaching experience. It is my intention that you reap the rewards of hard work while having fun, building community and excelling as a teacher – whether you aspire to eventually lead your own retreats or own your own studio – or not. Your learning is my top priority.


Quoting from Kenza’s website: “Welcome to Gili Air, our “Little Island of Water” when you translate it from Bahasa. To the East, the majestic crater rim of Lombok’s Mount Rinjani provides a picturesque backdrop to a stunning sunrise. To the West, the sun sinks behind the perfect cone of Bali’s Mount Agung. Kenza Village Resort is located in the south east of Gili Air, only a two minute walk east from the harbour. Our beachfront resort offers 40 rooms in three different categories. The design is tropical colonial and inspired from our bohemian beach lifestyle. The Superior Room (double/twin), Cottage and Family Cottage are complemented with all needed room facilities and environment friendly amenities.”

“Closest of the Gilis to Lombok, Gili Air blends Gili T’s buzz and bustle with Meno’s minimalist vibe. The white-sand beaches here are arguably the best of the Gili bunch and there’s just enough nightlife to keep the sociable happy. Snorkelling is good right from the main strip along the east coast – a lovely sandy lane dotted with bamboo bungalows and little restaurants where you can eat virtually on top of a turquoise sea.” – Lonely Planet.

There are no motorized vehicles on the island. Your options are horse-drawn carts, known as cidomo’s, or bicycles, which are are available for rent all over the islands. Walking or taking a bicycle is mostly suggested. The islands are only a few kilometres in diameter, making it entirely possible to walk.

Transport to the islands from Bali is by ferry. Upon your registration, we will help you get to us safely and soundly with all options.

For pricing and course information please email: