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4 Week Femininity Workshop

Experience this 4 Week, all ages workshop with Lyn Hicks to learn weekly practices that teach you to honor the sacredness of your feminine body!


213 N. Main St Healing Arts Center, North Wales PA, US 19454
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  • Workshop

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May 5 to
May 26
19:00 pmto20:30 pm

4 Tuesdays, May 5th - May 26th, 7:00-8:30 pm



$81 - Members / $90 - Non-members

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with Lyn Hicks

Experience this 4 Week, all ages workshop to learn weekly practices that teach you to honor the sacredness of your feminine body! Embrace your wonderful and powerful self by connecting to the body you have in love and joy with other women. Engage in aliveness and fun feminine We empower ourselves and one another to become more open and inspired by our femininity and through true practices in self-love.

WEEK 1 – Health and Youthfulness

Learn from ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures practices for your kidneys — which house your vitality and youthfulness. Located behind our wombs, the kidneys are the regulators of the water within. These simple exercises offer health and vitality to our whole body. We are 80 percent water and our feminine organs are kept healthy and nourished by attention and care of the kidneys; which are considered our organs of vitality. Women are said to be like water, flowing, flexible and connecting.

WEEK 2 – Beauty

Experience your beauty and self love in a whole new way. Wherever you are with your body, your beauty can be expressed and enjoyed with these inspiring practices. Engage in a discussion about beauty on deeper levels of self-love. Learn and receive facial massage and movements for enhanced feminine looks.

WEEK 3 – Magnetism

Sensuality is one power of women and involves feeling wonderful towards your self and your movements. Sacred femininity honors this power that we have been disconnected from due to our education and culture. The law of attraction is all about attracting what we want in our life. Learn practices in connecting with your magnetism, a woman’s sensual way that move and flow in the world. Developing this connection with your bodies will allow more flexibility and flow to your lives.

WEEK 4 – Power

As woman we must understand and feel our power. There is victimization around us all and we often feel taken advantage of or are exhausted from helping others. We are natural receivers of others emotions and situations, offering help and empathy. Learn to connect to your power, know when to protect yourself, when to get involved, when to limit involvement and how to use your power and energy for yourself and your tasks in life. Experience practices that allow you to understand these concepts viscerally in your body, not just as a thinking. Share this powerful way of being to add energy and control to your life.

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