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4 WEEK Restorative yoga evening course in May

Restorative yoga is a practice that uses support. YOU don't do the work, the pillows, blankets and cushions hold you. This way the poses can be held with ease for a duration. Usually between about 5 and 10 minutes. Most of the practice is done on the floor either sitting or lying but not always and we include some gentle movement to aid awareness and connection to the breath.
This 2 hour practice allows time to explore restorative postures as well as breathing and meditation.


The Mind and Movement Centre, Redfern NSW, AU 2016

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May 1 to
May 22
11:30 amto13:30 pm

Early arrival is recommended so we can ensure the space is best utilised and everyone is comfortable. Door are open 6.10pm and as the weather cools down you can enjoy a cup of herbal tea prior to class starting.



Booking and payment are required to secure your place.
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Full Description

RESTORATIVE yoga is a great evening practice to help you switch off and wind down not just for the evening but perhaps for the weekend. In 2 hours we have the chance to also include more in depth pranayama (conscious breathing) and to investigate ways to ‘sit’ or what most people call meditate and cultivate stillness.

The practice of postures is designed to have a specific neurological effect. As you become more and more familiar being in a pose without searching for a stretch…a sensation, your muscles soften. Literally with this shift the brain clicks over into it’s NOT DOING mode. What is often referred to as the ‘rest and digest’ or the parasympathetic aspect. This means that the brain more easily produces the feel good hormones that allow us to be not so much on edge. Basically you are practicing how to relax. Tending the garden of your tranquil inner space so it doesn’t get overgrown in the hubub of life. Maintaining the tranquility.

This is also a great practice if you are working to recover from injury or depletion such as chronic fatigue or adrenal burnout. It allows the practice to be approached in a manner that builds you up gently and heals body and mind.