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500h+ Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin

Yoga is known only through Yoga
Yoga is realised only through Yoga


La Caminada2837981
Böckhstraße 21, Berlin Berlin, DE 10967

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

Yoga Styles



Feb 20 to
Dec 16
2016 - 2018
10:00 amto18:00 pm

500h+ Program over a period of three years.
9 weekends and 1 summer retreat (5 days) per year.
Schedule of the first year:
20-21 February 2016
19-20 March 2016
23-24 April 2016
21-22 May 2016
18-19 June 2016
5-10 July RETREAT in Brandenburg
10-11 September 2016
8-9 October 2016
12-13 November 2016
10-11 December 2016


4,200 €

The total fee for the 3 years is 4200,00 Euro + VAT divided as follow:
1st year: 1900 Euro + VAT in 6 instalments
2nd year: 1400 Euro + VATin 6 instalments
3rd year: 900 Euro + VAT in 6 instalments

Full Description

The Teacher Training course of the Free School of Hatha Yoga Hamsa is envisaged to prepare teachers expert in every aspect of Hatha Yoga and, in general, of Yoga, teachers able to transmit the best of this marvellous discipline. In order to realise this, a method that develops an adequate capacity to execute all the fundamental techniques of Hatha Yoga in an optimal way (together with profound knowledge of the theoretical and philosophical aspects) is necessary on the one hand, and on the other, the personal development of individual potentialities and natural inclinations and of that sensitivity which permits them to transmit the acquired knowledge in a way and form more easily accessible to future students.
This outcome is obtainable only by effect of a regular and shared practice, theoretically and technically correct and developed in an organic way in each of its aspect. For this, the pupils of the school, besides being constantly stimulated and directed to personal practice, come to be immediately embroiled in the conduction of the lesson. The advantage of this methodology of teaching are easily enumerated:

- Theory and practice merge and harmonise
- The questions immediately find an answer and the doubts are resolved in the practice.
- Intellectualization is avoided and every knowledge immediately becomes experience.
- One learns to maximally develop creativity and the capacity to find alternative solutions, elements which, united with necessary technical knowledges, render the practice alive and vibrant.

Pranayoga means the Yoga of Vital Energy. This name was chosen to indicate our method of teaching, in which the practice of Hatha Yoga aims to especially improve the flux and purity of Prana, both in the physical body and in the subtle structures which constitute the mind, and the more elevated levels of the being connected with spirituality.
Thus, the Pranayoga method does not indicate a new style of Yoga but a practice of teaching, that of the school of Hatha Yoga Hamsa, which has grown and developed in respect of the classic tradition of Hatha Yoga.
Hatha Yoga is an evolutionary science which, in practice, requires the capacity to perform gestures which are extremely precise, salient and aware. The method is fundamental to avoid interpreting and practicing Yoga as a simple form of exotic gymnastics. Especially in the execution of Asana, of Pranayama and of Mudra, serial attentiveness and moments of awareness are requested, which only an accurate, precise and rational method can transmit.
The Pranayoga method is focalized on the attainment of this objective and represents the passage to a practice in which emotions, intelligence, creativity and constant self-presence, in synthesis a living and luminous awareness, substitutes pure and simple imitation.

The school is aimed at:

- All those who wish to undertake a formative path oriented towards the teaching of Yoga.
- Teachers of Yoga who wish to integrate their knowledge with the programme proposed by the school.
- Beginners and Expert practitioners who wish to deepen and perfect the culture and the practice of Yoga for their own personal interests.

The Course is held in english.