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6 Days Yoga, Meditation and Philosophy Retreat in Bali

This retreat/yoga holiday offers you both a deep and intense yoga & meditation practice and a relaxing holiday in paradise. The practice will teach you how to use yoga and meditation as a means to better understand yourself and to become happy and healthy. At the same time this retreat is a relaxing holiday in paradise.


Pantai Bondalem, Tejakula, Singaraja Bali, ID 81173
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Nov 20 to
Nov 27
19:00 pmto09:00 am

Anreisetag: 20.11., Abreisetag 27.11.2016


740 €

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This retreat/yoga holiday offers you both a deep and intense yoga & meditation practice and a relaxing holiday in paradise. The practice will teach you how to use yoga and meditation for what it is, a means to better understand yourself, as well as a practical tool to become happy and healthy. At the same time this retreat is a relaxing holiday in paradise with enough time and space to relax, unwind and let all the yoga & meditation practice sink in to transform you into that relaxed, happy and healthy new-self.

- Daily classes with yoga Asanas (posture), meditation & philosophical topics to chew on, good music, clear instructions and assistance by two experienced yoga teachers

- One Personal yoga & meditation training with preliminary talk

- Plenty of free time to explore and unwind

- Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

- 7 nights accommodation

- Private hotel beach at Bali´s peaceful Northern Coast

- Optional traditional Balinese massages and treatments in the resort spa

We will start the day with a cup of tea or hot ginger water. Then we use the good energy of the morning for our spiritual practice. We start with gentle Asanas to wake up the body and mind and then slowly intensify the practice to boost the metabolism, improve flexibility and stamina. Next, we move into pranayama and meditation practice which will add to your physical practice in a more subtle way. Philosophical topics, based around the fundamental question- who am I, will provide the framework for each class.
The morning classes will prepare your body and mind for a relaxing day. They will not just make you feel good but also help you to understand your yoga practice in a wider context.

The yoga classes are followed by breakfast, free time and lunch. There will be plenty of time in the mornings and afternoons for leisure. We will round up the day with a short evening session with meditation, yoga nidra or other relaxation techniques before you enjoy your evening dinner.

Our classes are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced yogis. You will be fortunate to enjoy the individual attention of two teachers during each class who will be there for your guidance and personal assistance. As a part of the retreat, you will meet one-on-one with a personal yoga trainer. Firstly, prior to the retreat to discuss your individual needs and wishes, then once during the retreat for a more targeted yoga and meditation session. There is the option of engaging in additional yoga sessions in your free time. If you are interested in this, please discuss it with a trainer.

Besides yoga there are plenty of other activities to enrich your days in paradise like snorkeling, stand up paddling, kayaking, enjoying massage, beauty and aroma therapies. Take a boat trip for sunrise to watch the dolphins, explore magical tempels, waterfalls, hot springs, hike a volcano for sunrise, be a part of traditional Balinese festivities, visit local markets and learn how to cook traditional Balinese dishes.

You are welcome to travel solo, with friends or as a couple.
Singles, queers, weirdos, couples, newly married, taking a break, friends, solos, independents etc. are all welcome and can be involved as much or as little as you choose.


Jana and Stefanie are passionate about leading yoga retreats. Jana has trained as a professional dancer, massage therapist and yoga teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience in different countries. She has spent most of the year in Bali and will help you to feel at home. Her approach to the state of yoga and the experience of unity is through working with the body on its different energy levels. She enjoys making a yoga class like a dance choreography that will effortlessly bring you back home to yourself. Her yoga style is inspired by Vinyasa Yoga with clear instructions on proper alignment. Her kindness is proof that yoga really works.

Stefanie has spent 3 years studying yoga, meditation and philosophy in the homeland of yoga, India. She is particularly inspired by the Buddhist approach and its diverse meditation techniques. She had the great fortune to intensively study with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and is happy to share her studies with the world.
Stefanie also is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher with 800 hours of training as well as 7 years of teaching experience in different parts of the world. Her philosophical and meditative approach perfectly complements Jana´s physical and energetical way.


The Bali Mandala Resort lies on the fringe of the small Balinese village Bondalem surrounded by Bali’s biggest palm grove. As a mandala is a metaphor of wholeness, the Bali Mandala Resort is an open place of hospitality for people who seek restfulness in breathtaking nature, meaningful conversations with inspiring people, and insights into the enchanting Balinese culture.
The resort has a private beach and the traditional balinese style bungalows are nestled in a tropical garden. Each room is lovingly decorated and has a verandah from which you can enjoy the beauty and abundance of nature and listen to the sound of the sea.
Each room is fully equipped with all facilities you will need including a charming, private Balinese outdoor shower called “Mandi”, where you can listen to the palm trees rustle softly in the wind.