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7-Day Training with Cat Kabira: The Art of Subtle Energetics

Do you love yoga and working with your body? Join Cat Kabira in this specialized Energetics Training in which you will not only learn practical and helpful tools to work with your own and others’ energy bodies, you will undergo your own radical and clarifying transformation.


Suryalila Retreat Centre
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Cortijo La Fabrica, Villamartin Cádiz, ES 11650

Type of Event

  • Teacher Training

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Jul 30 to
Aug 6
04:30 amto04:30 am

The course begins at 4:30p on July 30 with an Opening Practice and Ceremony. Please plan to arrive no later than 2:00p on that day.

Check-out is at 11:00a. We will have a practice that morning. Please do not plan your departure until after the morning practice is complete.

During your free time, you will have options to rest and explore!



The full cost for this Level One Energetics Course with Cat Kabira is: $1950USD. If paid in full before May 30, 2016, the course fee is $1750USD.

Course fee includes tuition, training materials, accommodation, all organic and vegetarian meals, use of the Yoga Shala, access to the salt water pool and hiking paths around the grounds, and ceremony.

Full Description

This training is a unique way to connect within to experience yourself in a deeper and more revelatory manner by working with the “undercurrents” of your system. You will discover the potency in self-transformation within yoga and energy work through meditation, breath, hatha, and yin. Feel the entire essence of yourself in a whole new way – physically, emotionally, and energetically. Spend your morning indulging in a personal practice and, in the afternoon, learn hands-on work with one another – sensing the subtle energy body in another’s field and working in an empowering, helpful, and respectful way.

This is a life-changing training where you will gain access to your subtle body and enrich, refresh, and release on mental, emotional, and energetic levels.

During this course, you will…

- Discover and practice skills enabling you to work with your own and your friends/students’ energetic bodies
- Learn to honor your sensitivity, viewing it as both a gift and your greatest ally
- Fully understand the energetic system on physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels

Includes Daily Asana, Breathwork, Mantra and/or both Guided Meditation and Shamata Practice as well as a New Moon Ceremony on the day of the New Moon. The entire program is taught by Cat.

Your opportunity to uncover new sensing skills and how to be receptive and open in order to discover a universe of possibilities. Discover your own potential and gifts within the work. Hone new levels of awareness and embody your own transformational delight. A whole new reality awaits you.

This is a fantastic course for dedicated yogis and meditation practitioners as well as yoga instructors and bodywork practitioners.

Course Content

Utilizing a biodynamic craniosacral therapy approach in our personal practice and experiential work with one another, we will explore the individual chakras (1-7) and their associated anatomy.

In Your Personal Practice you will learn:

• Techniques to help you ground and center
• How to take responsibility for your patterns and rewire yourself (clear and deprogram your system)
• What creates holes in our field and how you attract what you attract
• How to call yourself back from other people/places/dimensions
• The importance of trusting yourself

In Our Connection with One Another we Discover:

• The importance of boundaries and working respectfully and with integrity (in-line with the Light)
• Sensing the midline as well as fulcrums, outliers, and unprocessed trauma
• Body reading
• Entity releasing as well as other beings, de-programming and other objects that get lodged in our system
• How to clear
• What it means to be empathic and how to healthily function as one
• The art of doing nothing – the importance of dropping agenda

The emphasis of this course is to empower you to discover and develop your own unique gifts in working with Subtle Energetics. We all see, feel, hear, and sense differently. There is not one right way. This is your opportunity to truly trust yourself and step into your power to serve in a way that is enlightening for all.