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7 Days Blissful Xmas Yoga Retreat in Jamaica

Xmas Yoga Retreat in Jamaica
Give yourself and your loved ones something special, a luxury of time only for yourself, to relax, reconnect, rejuvenate, detox, de-stress, and let go. Enjoy yourself fully in Yoga Bless' paradise settings, by the sea, where the sound of the waves relaxes your mind, and the vibrant nature makes you feel so alive.
Escape from the busy and stressful Christmas setting with unhealthy food and expectation. You are welcome to the oasis for your body, mind, and


Dec 20 to
Dec 26
23:00 pmto23:00 pm

This vacation is available from December 15 - 31,
It is 7 day detoxretreat, if you wish your stay can be longer or shorter :)
Any check in or check out time is good for us :)



prices from 1100$

7 days
1 person in Dorm 1,100 USD
1 person i Private room 1,450 USD
1 person in Sea-front villa 1,900 USD
2 people in Dorm room 1,700 USD
2 people in private room 2,000 USD
2 people in Sea-front villa 2,900 USD

In all our packages is included:

* daily yoga sessions
* 3 main meals and healthy snacks, local fruits and vegetable
* unlimited water and herbal teas
* healthy cooking and Jamaican cooking classes
* fresh juices, coconut water, fruits
* comfi accommodation
* homemade facemasks & body scrubs & workshop how to make them
* snorkeling accesory free to use
* yoga books and natural healing and herbs books awailable
* Yoga Bless Jamaica CD with pdf from yoga sessions, yoga ebooks, yoga music
* free wifi
* airport transfer

Full Description

Retreat highlights
Daily Hatha and Kundalini yoga sessions
Unlimited fresh juices, coconut water, and fruits
Yoga Bless DVD with e-books, music and yoga sessions PDF
3 main meals, healthy snacks, local fruits, and vegetables
Snorkelling accessories and Wi-Fi free to use
6 nights comfortable accommodation
1 waterfall excursion
6 day(s) with instructions

Yoga Bless Xmas Yoga Retreat Program
You will be able to revitalize your body and soul, boost your health and immune system, lose weight, relax, detox, and de-stress while on this detox retreat. You will be treated to healthy meals. There will be a lot of opportunities to try out exotic activities such as snorkeling, waterfalls, boat trips, and many more.

Escape the stress
Escape from the busy and stressful Christmas setting with unhealthy food and expectation. You are welcome to the oasis for your body, mind, and soul - Yoga Bless. The conscious family of Yoga Bless will celebrate too, with dancing and singing around the fire, watching stars and feeling united with the entire universe.

Yoga sessions are based on Hatha and Kundalini yoga. The classes usually take place in the quiet garden in front of the villa or on the beach. There are usually two classes a day (morning sunrise and evening sunset), but it can vary. There will also be meditation classes, hosting of workshops by Ayurveda experts on how to make healthy desserts, homemade facemasks, body scrubs, and cosmetics. Workshops and presentations about nutrition and food combinations will be held.

Sometimes Yoga Bless also hosts special guests, like yoga gurus from India and yogi masters from all around the world, and Ayurveda experts. Pamper yourself and enjoy private attention of Ayurveda specialist, nurturing and detoxifying massages and homemade natural facemasks and body scrubs made especially for your skin needs.

The aim is to not only introduce/teach yoga while you are at Yoga Bless, but teach you to bring yoga and healthy living solutions to everyday life. You will be given a yoga plan for your own practice and yoga e-books, music, and lots of healthy tips for your daily routine. Maki Ramjas Kaur will prepare a yoga plan according to your needs and preferences.

Maki aka Ramjas Kaur
Maki traveled the world for many years, searching for natural wisdom, healers, shamans, gurus, searching for the answers, learning about nutrition, healthy living, and eating, experiencing all that in her own skin, practicing, learning, and teaching yoga. When she gathered all this together and made a whole picture from all the pieces, she reached a stage of happiness, balance, and harmony, the time came to settle and Yoga Bless was born.

To share with others all the knowledge that she has gathered, to show people how to live a healthier and happier life even in a stressful society, change little habits, little tricks for betterment and yoga that is just so good for everybody and improves the quality of life. Once we are happy, the world becomes a better place, the earth heals through us.

Ramjas Kaur (Maki) learnt on her travels from gurus in India, the secrets of Hatha yoga, pranayama, and meditation. In Costa Rica, she learnt the secrets of Kundalini yoga, nutrition, surf, and harmony with the ocean, in Czech the secrets of Tantra yoga and Mohenzodaro (yoga for women), and was influenced by the great masters of yoga that have been curing all types of illnesses of modern society with the art of yoga.

Yoga sessions will be tailored to meet your needs, from beginners to advanced, we can work specially on your issues (back pain, weight loss, hips openers, insomnia), so you will get most of it. Different yoga techniques and sessions will be introduced and different meditation techniques as well so you can find the one that fits you the best.

And, hosting yoga teachers brings more styles and variations of yoga that can inspire you and will make you enjoy yourself in this unity of body and mind to max. It will be personal, they will give you concrete tips to change your lifestyle and habits and make a special plan for you to continue with and make a commitment; it will be life changing.

You will get homemade healthy food and snacks prepared according to your preferences. There will be 3 main meals included, as well as healthy snacks and fruits during the day. You have a choice of vegetarian, vegan, raw, or normal meals. With every yoga session, there will be a different herbal tea made from Jamaican healing herbs.

Fresh Juices from local fruits and vegetables are served daily. Yoga Bless believes that the starting point for rejuvenation of the body and mind is through the foods that we consume. Therefore, they offer an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole foods at Yoga Bless Jamaica. The food is included in the cost of your retreat.

To Yoga Bless, detox and rejuvenation means eating the foods that supports our bodies to cleanse and to help us move towards our ideal weight, rather than adopting a starvation diet where you are always feeling hungry. They prepare juices and meals that cleanse and rebalance your bodies, without eliminating the essential nutrients required.

They use seasonal products where possible, grown or locally, so the menu is typically Jamaican. All food is served fresh, prepared and cooked on the premises, with care and loving attention. The foods that they do not serve include: pork, beef, white sugar, bread, refined flour, cow's milk and derivatives, alcohol and sweets. These foods all place extra stress on our body systems, so by cutting them out for one week, or a few days, the body has the opportunity to rebalance itself.

At Yoga Bless, they use a lot of natural remedies, superfood, fruit smoothies and natural medicinal plants that can be found in Jamaica (and its 80% of all most powerful herbal medicinal plants). They will be more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

Go Natural Resort is situated on the sea side, with fantastic views and surrounded by beautiful gardens with palm trees, in a quiet and safe area, Long Bay. All of your stay will be accompanied with relaxing and calming sound of the sea and waves.

The parish of Portland on Jamaica’s east coast is one of the most beautiful places on the island. With its stunning and warm blue waters, romantic coves, virgin beaches, breathtaking panoramic views and waterfalls, it is not a tourist area and you will be far away from the rush, stress, and hustle of the city. You will have a chance to meet locals, walk around and enjoy amazing wild nature and the pulsing culture of sweet Jamaica.

Jamaica is described as the most beautiful island in the Caribbean. The enchanting jewel of the Caribbean Sea beckons with its sugar white beaches, majestic cascading waterfalls, and many charming houses. Hike through lush trails of tropical flora in the breathtakingly beautiful mountain peaks, or enjoy a night full of magic, as the cool sea breeze teases you with the sensual beat of reggae.

Kingston airport - 70 minutes

Things to do
In your free time you can relax or read a book (there are nice yoga, healing and wisdom books in the library) in a hammock in the tropical garden. You can also swim in the sea or sunbathe at the beach. You can also take a workshop about healthy cooking and eating, gardening, or explore the underwater world of Jamaica as the water is crystal clear and full of tropical fishes and the snorkeling accessory is available 24/7. Yoga Bless can also arrange a variety of exotic trips and activities such as trip to waterfalls, blue lagoon, Frenchman Cove, snorkeling, horseback riding, rafting, and more.

Go Natural Resort is situated on the sea side, with fantastic views and surrounded by beautiful palm trees in Long Bay. The property has big garden area, private beach access, chill-out area, hammock, and dining area. It's in the parish Portland, the nicest and purest part of Jamaica. The resort is surrounded with beautiful nature, waterfalls, virgin beaches, and almond trees. It is a very safe and quiet area, so nothing is going to disturb you in your relaxing time.

Go Natural Resort can accommodate up to 18 people. There is variety of accommodations: from budget dorm and economic tent option, private room to luxury seafront villa. There is a living room, dining area and hammock area to be used by all hosts all that for your great relaxation experience. The property is beautifully landscaped with flowers and palm trees, great for meditation or chilling in the hammock. The amenities include Wi-Fi internet, housekeeping, purified water, herbs tea, and 24/7 security guard.

Spa treatments
Relax all your body and all your muscles. A professional massage therapist will come to the villa to give you the massage of your choice: Thai massage, Hot stone massage, Preasure points massage, Deep tissue massage, and Swedish massage. Pamper yourself to an amazing outdoor massage with the sound of sea and relax. Yoga Bless prepares natural homemade facemasks and body scrubs, a natural spa!

Optional tours
Jamaica is island with amazing nature and pulsing culture. There are various exotic adventures for you to do. For more info look at our website :)