7 days Love and Tantric Sexuality Retreat in Corfu, Greece

We do something incredible: We open ourselves through tantra yoga and mindful sensuality into the unimaginable depths of love. We express ourselves, come together for tango and encounter, to open more and more to life, to embrace it, with
its beauty, chaos and the magic of its intensity and intimacy.



Sunset 1, Arillas - Magoulades - Corfu GR 49081
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  • Retreat

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Sep 14 to
Sep 21
00:00 amto00:00 am


906 €

Full Description

An experience- oriented workshop to discover tantric secrets that support us in living and shaping our love.

We warmly invite you into an intimate space to celebrate your mediterranean summer dream 2018 in the magic and enchanting nature of this amazingly beautiful island: Corfu.

You are very welcome, as a single or a couple.

We create safe spaces for you to explore alone or between two….

….How can I love deeply and be free?….
…How can I turn my body into an instrument of ecstasy?…
….How can I revive my love again and again?…
….How can I integrate the liveliness of new experiences into my everyday life?…
….How do I become the creator of my love….

During our seven days we will…

…explore the keys of
….combine hours of Yoga with Tango and our sensorial nature…
….be gently guided into a KaulaTantra Yoga Flow…
….cultivate vibrancy and sensuality…
….learn about lead and be led: Tango…
….nourish ourselves with sexuality as an intuitive meditation…
….create a holy tantric ritual…
….enjoy plenty of marvelous “ it is a hit” vegetarian food and lot of sea and sun.

Every day Yoga Tantra Sensuality and leisure time to relax at the beach – days full of intimacy, deepening and growth.

We invite you to do something incredible: We open up and have the courage to express ourselves. We deepen our connection to our bodies with tantra yoga. We pass the boundaries of yoga and emotions. In a safe group we look together at the driving force of mindful sensuality to dive into the unimaginable depths of love.

We come together for tango and sharing, to open more and more to life, to embrace it, with its beauty, chaos and the magic of its intensity and intimacy.
The connection between yoga practice eros and tantra becomes clear.
Dancing Tango in its free form is a way to contact with body and soul, to experience with devotion and strengt and to become one in two.

In Corfu, we light on new facets of ourselves and can change our focus to what we wish to create in life and what to give to our partners. We learn about the ecstasy of being alive, the keys of love, the Shiva-Shakti power to ride a tiger, and the dancing divinity in us – culminating in a holy tantric night ritual.

7 days intensive workshop to open our hearts and viewing relationship as a vehicle for our growth, barefoot with lots of sun, 1 billion stars and a lot of time for playfulness and imagination. That’s for sure!
An experienced team accompanies and supports you individually. They bring over decades of experience and personal self-enquiry on the field of tantra yoga, conscious sexuality and authentic relating.