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7 Days Luxury Spring Detox

Take a week solely for yourself to rebalance and recalibrate on all levels in a luxurious setting. 3 amazing teachers to guide you through a week of self-development and self-reflection. A week to escape from all duties and responsibilities, to step out of the rat race and discover the path to greater peace and inner harmony


67/a Località Livernano, Radda in Chianti IT

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  • Retreat

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Mar 30 to
Apr 5
13:00 pmto10:00 am

Early check-in may be possible


1,950 €

Full Description

Are you a high profile professional with a demanding work schedule feeling weighed down by duties and responsibilities?

Are you in a position of wealth, power, prestige or fame finding yourself in the firing line of competition, greed, ambition or envy?

Do you have a social life that is fun, adventurous, challenging, but at the same time exhausting, draining and relentless?

Allow us to help you find your ‘Reset Button’ and take a whole week for yourself to simply Be.

One whole week where you allow yourself to switch off from all external concerns with nobody and nothing to disturb you. A week where you receive guidance and support to develop and nurture inner peace, relaxation, and wholeness in your life. A week where you hit the reset button to return to mental and physical health, wellness and balance.

This retreat is an invitation for you to escape to our beautifully restored medieval hamlet deep in the hills of Tuscany. On a hilltop surrounded by pure nature, Livernano is the perfect hideaway location for an exclusive Spring Detox.

No traffic, No nearby village or town, No noise pollution, No sound pollution, Nobody for miles and miles. Livernano is a silent and peaceful haven where you wake up to the sound of birds singing and the trees rustling outside your suite window. A hidden oasis of luxury, silence, and solitude where you can surrender and completely let go of all outside matters and affairs. Where you allow body, mind, and soul to be soothed and nurtured back into a natural and wholesome rhythm.

Transformation and Regeneration Program

The 7 Day Process is a Physical, Emotional, Mental, Environmental, Social and Technological detox. An invitation to switch off from the external world and direct one’s focus and attention internally. A time to unplug and tune in without any distractions or external demands.

Tribe teachers have designed the ultimate retreat for the elite and successful to take a well-earned break. Through a program of therapies and practices, the 7-day process provides a physical and mental detox with a special emphasis on reducing stress levels and recharging one’s energies.

Fully engaging in the program will give you the best results but most importantly we wish you to relax, honor what’s right for you and find your flow.
No activity is compulsory. Simply indulging in the peace and solitude of the Livernano atmosphere may be the perfect retreat for you.

The 7-day process includes:
We encourage all participants to remain anonymous, assume minimal contact with the outside world and indulge in silence. At Livernano your privacy is guaranteed so you can detox from depleting and draining social engagements.

Through silence, you will be able to assimilate the practices and experiences of the week on a much deeper level to bring you closer to a state of mental and emotional freedom. You choose how much silence you wish to partake in and we encourage you to use this retreat opportunity to switch off the mobile and unplug from the internet?

Detox & Nutrition Program
Detoxing is a deeply healing and mentally balancing experience.

From the moment you arrive all your nutritional needs will be catered for and monitored by our Nutrition expert. You start the week with a private consultation with our nutritionist Mays to assess which detox plan is most appropriate for you.
Plan 1 & 2: Day 1 – delicious healthy evening meal, from day 2 onwards shifting to a liquid diet comprised of nutrient-loaded drinks, detox teas, and water. From day 4 there is an option to experience complete fasting (water only) for 1- 3 days. If you have never fasted before this is the perfect opportunity to fast under supervision and guidance. Day 7 healthy vegetarian breakfast.
Plan 3: Day 1 – delicious healthy evening meal, From day 2 onwards breakfast is nutrient loaded drink, Lunch salad, and detox soup, Dinner Assorted steamed veggies with healthy dressings. Day 7 healthy vegetarian breakfast.

Quantum Light Breath
QLB is a profound therapeutic practice. Led by deeply effective intuitive guidance, we explore the healing power of the breath. Via permission and direct experience we target old beliefs and holding patterns to release and clear space for the radiance of one’s true nature to shine through.

The Yoga4Health protocol
This yoga program is specifically designed to reduce stress, and improve physical and psychological wellbeing and address risk factors connected to pathological conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular conditions, and depression.

Spiritual Discourse
The 7-day process will lead you into a deeper closeness with your thoughts and emotions. Audio talks from spiritual master Shree Bhagwan Rajneesh are specially selected to support us in self-inquiry and self-reflection. These talks will be instrumental in shifting one’s perspective to cultivating a more positive outlook in terms of life and all relationships thereof.

Research has proven that meditation reduces stress which is a major factor in illness and disease. During the week you will develop and practice meditations that calm the mind and soothe the nervous system. If you have been looking for a panacea for your day to day living the meditation that we practice will be a valuable tool to combat stress and tension of daily living

Yoga Nidra
Through this yogic technology seeds of positive change are planted into the subconscious which then manifests transformation in your life. This is a powerful and profound tool to break habits or change unbeneficial behavior patterns that limit your full potential.

A combination of gentle yoga sessions suited to all levels is offered on a day to day basis to recalibrate the body and mind. These sessions combine breath work and posturing inviting you to slow down and develop a loving relationship with yourself, where you listen to your body and become mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

One to One Yoga – If you prefer to have exclusive yoga training with our instructor daily sessions can be booked in advance

Personal Consultations & Mentoring
Each participant receives 3 personal consultations. One from each of our experts which will be instrumental in devising directives to implement into your daily living after the retreat.

During the retreat, one of our experts will mentor you with personal support and guidance.

The Detox Team
You can Trust the detox team to support you to find the ‘Reset’ button and step back from your current lifestyle demands to enjoy a new rhythm and flow. Our experts in health and wellness are there with you 100% throughout your retreat to guide and support you.

Scarlett – Lifestyle, Holistic Therapies & Yoga

As a Lifestyle Coach, Scarlett offers her experience, enthusiastic support and objective perspective and insight to International Clientele who wish to maximize and integrate their spiritual potential into their everyday professional, private and social life.

As founder and Senior Teacher Trainer of Tribe International Yoga School Scarlett has designed & organised healing & wellness retreats & trainings for over 20 years

A Trained Holistic Therapist in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage. Thai Foot Massage, and Reiki. Scarlett’s varied skill set allows her to dispense healing and holistic treatments according to individual needs.

Mays – Nutrition, Yoga & Reiki

Nutritional Therapist Mays specialises in naturopathic healing with an applied functional medicine perspective. Mays prescribes personalised diet and lifestyle plans, incorporating the latest clinical research, lab & genetic testing. Her clinic is currently based in East/Central London serving an International clientele.

As a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master Mays has been offering worldwide transformational wellness & yoga retreats for over 8 years

Gaia – Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

Born and based in Tuscany, she graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in Communications, Majoring in Multimedia and Linguistics. Gaia is a Yoga instructor nomad, she teaching spiritual events worldwide

Senior Teacher at Tribe International Yoga School. She teaches a variety of styles: Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, Yoga4health, Sup Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.

Gaia teaches sequences that develop strength and flexibility, release tension, increase energy, reduce stress, and enhance concentration. She is committed to helping clients reach full awareness (body, mind, breath, and spirit)…both on and off the mat.

Maximum number of participants

To ensure each participant receives the one to one support unique to this experience the maximum number of participants is restricted to 12. Accommodation is based on single occupancy with each person having their own space to assimilate, digest and rest in relative peace and solitude.