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7 days Samahita's Standard Detox Program

Our detox and wellness programs have been specifically designed to help you rediscover health and vitality. Where necessary, these programs can also help target areas of imbalance in your life.


55/20-24 Moo 4, Tambon Namuang,, Koh Samui Surathani, TH 84140

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  • Retreat

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Nov 9 to
Nov 9
2015 - 2016
12:00 pmto12:00 pm

Detox Program is not available during the following dates. Please join the Retreat or Teacher Training instead:

Dec 19 - 26,2015

Dec 26, 2015 - Jan 2, 2016

Jan 27 – Feb 7, 2016

Mar 6 – 13, 2016

Mar 20 - Apr 2, 2016

Jul 2 – Jul 16, 2016

Jul 16 – 30, 2016



There are certain periods during the year when rates are discounted.
For more information contact us.
2015 Rates for Standard Detox program (THB)

Single Superior Room 55650.00 per person
Semi-Private Room 51160.00 per person
Share Two Bedroom Loft 46370.00 per person

Full Description

Detox Program Overview

There is a real choice in life to work on ourselves or not and if we do, to do so with guidance and helpful information. Due to modern diet and lifestyle we have years of accumulated toxins and waste in the body. On many levels we may not even be aware of it. It may not yet be chronic. At the same time we don’t feel our full self, we know our body is not functioning as well as it could, we may even feel low in energy or over weight. We need to do something about it. We need to clean out, refresh and revitalize. Not just physically, but let this happen on all levels of our being, psychological and spiritual. Our body may function better but we feel more connected, upbeat and a greater capacity for peace of mind. Needless to say it does not come cheap. It requires some effort, some sacrifice, some commitment. This is what a detox program is about and it is our aim to facilitate this process for you.

We approach detox from an holistic point of view. Our programs are informed by ancient ayurvedic wisdom along with modern nutrition and physiology. We employ a specially developed ayurvedic herbal formula to help detoxify the body’s tissues and to remove the wastes from the liver. In addition to this are yoga practice and breathwork, colon hydrotherapy, far infrared sauna therapy, body treatments and a restriction in diet to focus more on cleansing and alkalizing through juices, foods and the water we drink.

We offer these programs because we live this approach to life, a dedication to health and personal welfare, so not just us, but all others around us benefit. These programs come from the combination of science and direct personal experience. They are professionally administered in an environment of care and love. The detox process can pose challenges as well as tremendous shifts and benefits. We support you in all aspects of your journey toward greater health.

In today’s competitive health market an abundance of detox opportunities present themselves. They may all sound enticing, so how do you choose from the plethora of detox programs and centers on offer? To help you in your decision making we’ve laid out some key points so you can clearly see who we are, what our detox programs are about and how we stand apart from the others:

Our detox programs are born of personal experience and in depth research into both ancient ayurvedic techniques and modern physiology and nutrition
We have created a special ayurvedic herbal detox formula which is at the heart of our detox programs both initiating and supporting the detoxification process
Our detox programs support you nutritionally with a balance of detox herbs and supplements, fresh juices and ‘superfoods’ to promote the alkalizing process
Our detox programs address both Phase I and Phase II of the detoxification process, so that the body can safely release all the toxins dislodged in the initial stages rather than storing them in the liver. For more see How Detox Works
We have researched and selected the finest technology to assist you in your detoxification process. Our Colon Hydrotherapy equipment and Far Infrared Sauna has been chosen to offer you a very comfortable, safe and hygienic experience
All of our therapists and nurse are highly trained and skilled assuring you of an excellent treatment experience
We offer a genuine personal approach to our detox programs as we live the life that we offer you here at Sahamita Wellness
All that you need to complete a full detox program is included in your package plus our Detox Welcome Kit so when you arrive there are no hidden extras other than what you purchase yourself
We are a well respected world class yoga and wellness retreat center situated on an exceptionally beautiful, tranquil beachfront setting
We offer expert yoga tuition in asana and yogic breathwork, cleansing techniques and lifestyle
Our environment is energetically charged not only from the exquisite natural surroundings but with our intent which creates a healing, nurturing atmosphere conducive to your growth and development.

People’s backgrounds, diet and lifestyle differ. Similarly, the intensity of a detox program must also offer a differentiation. For certain body types or high levels of toxicity a strong fast would not be advised but rather a supported approach. For others with slower metabolism and experience in detoxing, a fasting oriented approach may suit. For this reason, we personalize your detox program taking your needs, goals and preferences into account and balancing them with our professional expertise to provide you with the perfect detoxing experience. The daily detox support meeting provides an opportunity for adjusting your program as needed, and whether you are joining us for short wellness weekend or an extended detox program, our team are standing by to support you.

Detox Program Inclusions

Our special ayurvedic herbal detox formula
Yoga practices and breathwork
Yogic cleansing techniques
Far infrared sauna therapy
Chi Nei Tsang – therapeutic abdominal massage
‘Body & Soul’ therapies
Fiber, probiotic and superfood supplementation
Specially developed ayurvedic body oil to perform abhyanga
Specific foods, fruits, broths, juices and teas
An optional liver and gall bladder flush
Detox Welcome Kit
Full Yoga Thailand facilities including pool and steam room
Full staff support including daily meetings with our experienced wellness team
Pre-arrival guidelines to help you prepare for your detox
Post- detox guidelines to help you transition from your detox

Optional Liver and Gallbladder Flush

We also have a complete program that includes Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. For more information contact us.

Each participant has the choice, though it is recommended, to add in this flush towards the end of the detox program. It aids the detoxification process. The liver flush helps prevent gall stones, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, can reduce referred pains from the liver or gall bladder ( shoulder pain), reduce and prevent liver related headaches and migraines ( those with nausea), helps food allergies, helps in weight reduction, constipation and improves vitality levels.

We have a Candida detox program, for more information just contact us.

Suggested Length of Time to Detox

To get the most out of the process it is recommended to participate in a detox program for at least 7 to 10 days. One can continue a little longer if need be. However, we do offer program packages of 3 and 5 days also, ideal for a wellness weekend break. We understand people’s time limitations coupled with the desire to fit everything in, so encourage you to plan it out in advance.