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8 Days YOGA and CULINARY journey in Sicily, Italy

This is a unique journey blending daily yoga and meditation practices along with trips to breathtaking seascape spots, and completing it with the treats of local cuisine and gastronomy workshop.

Italian cooking classes
Hatha and Vinyasa yoga practices
Daily pranayama and yoga sessions
Massage, remedies, and cosmetic workshops
Handful of excursions to historical Sicilian sites
Daily detoxification practices and smoothies
Daily breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
7 nights accommodation

Villa Sparta982087
Via Trieste-Contrada Amabilina 3, Marsala TP, IT 91025
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Type of Event

  • Retreat

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Jul 5 to
Jul 12
09:30 amto04:30 am

From Saturday 5 july to 12 july
Meeting point
Trapani Airport
The ideal collection time from Trapani Airport is 4.30 on Saturday. Please inform your flight itineraries upon booking.
Transfer fee from and to Trapani Airport is included in the price.


1,050 €

The journey full fee for one week is € 1050.00, which includes seven nights on a triple lux occupancy room with private bathroom, or it is € 1350.00, which includes seven nights on a double lux occupancy room with private bathroom and € 1650.00 for a private room with private bathroom at Villa Sparta, all the visit included in the program, two cooking workshop, a seven days Yoga program, fully organic italian cuisine, and all-day long filtered water and tea.

Group size
Maximum 12 persons.
This allows for us to give a lot of personal attention to each student's development.

Full Description

The one-week retreat is a unique journey program which combines daily yoga together with vibrant Sicilian gastronomic heritage and culinary tradition in the idyllic setting of stunning natural beauty and astonishing islands of Sicily. A daily activity program is designed to discover the rich fabric of Sicily's heritage and its cultural wonders that put great respects to nature and the environment. Experience the Sicilian approach to health and well-being, unwind by the sea, and soaking up the sun.

Thanks to the richness that this island offers you will have the opportunity to alternate practicing yoga on the panoramic terrace of Villa Sparta to scenery as those offered by natural reserves beaches and salt-pits. The yoga program is dedicated to all levels of this discipline. Entirely based on how to guide your breathing, the practice will be divided into four parts:

The first part is dedicated to breathing (pranayama) and to meditation.
The second part is dedicated to Hatha yoga to learn all the positions through the decomposition of the movement.
The third dynamic part of Vinyasa yoga where the various positions are finalized to the pace of the breathing.
The last part consists instead of deep breathing (shavasana).



Transfer from Trapani Airport to Villa Sparta at 16:30
Welcome to Villa Sparta
Presentation of the program of the week and Yala team. You will meet our team and our chef Antonella Fazio during a wonderful vegetarian Sicilian dinner


Morning detox : Udyana banda and green smoothie
Yoga practice : Pranayama + Vinyasa yoga
Brunch and relax
Guided trip to the natural reserve of "lo Stagnone"
Sunset dinner on the boat at Mothia Island


Morning detox : Udyana banda and green smoothie
Yoga practice : Pranayama + Vinyasa yoga
Brunch and relax
Guided trip to "Antico Mercato" (Old Market) with tasting of the local products
Relaxing yoga on the beach
Sicilian vegetarian cooking class + dinner


Egadi Island trip
Morning detox : Udyana banda and green smoothie
Yoga on the beach
Lunch and relax on the beach
Sicilian dinner at Villa Sparta


Morning detox : Udyana banda and green smoothie
Yoga practice : Pranayama + Vinyasa yoga
Brunch and relax
Sicilian vegetarian cooking class
Presentation and tasting of the wine, Marsala of Castello "Curatolo Arini", and Sicilian vegetarian dinner


Morning detox : Udyana banda and green smoothie
Yoga practice : Pranayama + Vinyasa yoga
Brunch and relax
Guided tour to Trapani and Erice
Yoga in Monte Cofano at sunset
Sicilian dinner at Villa Sparta


Morning detox : Udyana banda and green smoothie
Yoga practice : Pranayama + Vinyasa yoga
Brunch and relax
Workshop of natural cosmetic and remedies
Workshop of massage on the Marsala beach
Sicilian dinner at Villa Sparta


Morning detox : Udyana banda and green smoothie
Transfer to Trapani Airport at 08:30
Guests who stay two weeks: relax on the Marsala beach in the afternoon

In yoga, the body is called annamaya kos'a, a Sanskrit word that means "made of food", to emphasize on the close link between the food, body, and mind. The body is in fact considered the first level of the mind, the most external material, and the means by which the mind interacts with the world.

We are what we eat! That is why nutrition facts are such an important thing to look into. To conclude, the regular yoga practice ateliers of traditional vegetarian Sicilian cooking will be held by our “creative food mind” Antonella Fazio, well-known for her personal recipes, healthy and extremely attractive, in which Italian tradition is even more enhanced by the richness of Mediterranean products.

All the cooking creations will be done with biological products at km 0. A guided visit to the local market will allow you to learn how to choose healthy and natural products for the realization of balanced food that will side perfectly with the practice of your yoga. You will be plunged in the history and culture of Sicily along all the activities proposed by our program.

A rich cultural itinerary providing unique insight into Sicily's artistic, cultural, and natural heritage, delving into one of Italy's most beautiful region's cultural and maritime history.

The Egadi Islands archipelago
The Egadi Islands archipelago is composed of three main islands - Favignana, Levanzo, and Marretimo and of two deserted islets - Maraone and Formica - as part of what has been then designated as a Natural Maritime Reserve. The butterfly-shaped island of Favignana is the largest and most populated, and probably also the most famous among the Egadi Islands.

It is often referred to as the Butterfly, hailing from the Italian farfalla due to its elongated shape. Its crystalline azure waters - where the Battle of the Egadi Islands occurred in 241 , splendid bays - the likes of Cala Rossa (Red Bay) - and the incomparable beauty of the sea bottom are worth its reputation as one of the most popular destinations of naturalist interest. Saint Catherine's Fort, built by Norman Roger II, sits at 304 meters above sea level, dominating the main town and a landscape of moving, unrivalled charm.

With an area of merely 6 square kilometers, Levazzo is the smallest and the least densely populated of the Egadi Islands. The island boasts a tiny village perched on the dramatic cliffs rising sheer from the clear water as well as a rocky and austere landscape of savage and unspoiled beauty, dotted with bays, coves, and reefs. The Genovese Cave definitely is one of the major tourist sights with its examples of Paleolithic rock paintings featuring men, animals, hunting, and fishing scenes accounting for the earliest evidence of tuna cull in Sicily.

The mountainous isle of Marettimo is a remote, hilly island situated 37 kilometers off the coast of Trapani. The island shares a complex history of foreign domination and alternating rule by historic civilizations as much as the rest of Sicily. Referred to as Hiera in ancient times, its modern name is the combination of two terms, sea and thyme, namely mare and timo, and also metaphorically evokes a mountain landscape.

Lo Stagnone Natural Reserve
Salt has always been a precious resource and an integral part of the history of both Marsala and Trapani. Stagnone natural reserve comprises a unique range of habitats including salt marsh, canals, picturesque mills, and salt heaps interspersed among the flats, perpetuating the traditional methods of salt production. Lo Stagnone also retains a remarkable variety of wild flora and fauna species. At sunset, an aperitif and pre-dinner drink by the water will follow as the perfect end to an unforgettable day.

Trapani Provincial capital is a town with a surrounding and cultural heritage of great value. Not far from here, surrounded by the sea, you will find “Colombaia”, or the “Sea Castle”, one of the symbols of the town. Typical and various products of the land like wine, capers, garlic, oranges, oil, and “la cusine”, with its enchanting taste, is superlative and extraordinary. One of the most famous dishes is the “Fish Cous Cous”.

Erice is nearby, set at the top of a lonely mountain, stands at 751 meters high, grave and lonesome, protected by nature, a small and precious jewel of the province. For centuries, the beauty of the views, the stillness of the place, and the mist that often makes it safe from prying eyes, has made Erice the favorite place for the studies of the scholars and researches and is the ideal place for the monks to pray. Made of narrow and winding little streets, typically medieval arches, richly decorated courtyards and small shops, it still preserves the unchanged ancient fascination.

Marsala lies on the extreme point of the western Sicily, in a geographically strategic place, with its archeological and environmental patrimony, a legendary land in the heart of the Mediterranean. Marsala expresses its historical characters rich of history starting from its phoenix origins and in the run of years influenced by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normands, Sweds, Angioins, and Spaniards.


Relax and take a deep breath at Villa Sparta. It is a pure gem embedded in the blue and green landscape and seascape of Marsala, adjacent to the valley of the Greek temples and the echoes of Homer's poetry and tales. An oasis of peace exuding a sense of calm, comfort, and simplicity in the villa's stunning historic building.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Marsala and the hubbub of the outside world, Villa Sparta will reveal its best-kept secrets in the deep gold stillness at sunset: a wonderful panoramic view over the sea, an archaeological treasure-trove of Greek and Roman remains drenched in a thousand and one night's warm and delicate scent.

Built on the remains of a Sicilian historic building, Villa Sparta combines exquisite simplicity and comfort allowing you to experience peace of mind and total relaxation. This is the perfect hideaway for those seeking well-being coupled with a dash of romanticism and refined taste.

Well-known for its warm hospitality, Villa Sparta will create an indelible memory that will stay with you long after you have left. A fascinating and tranquil oasis sheltered from the sun's heat where to gaze in awe at the sea and the texture of the past.

Food will also play an important role during the retreat; from food selection to meal preparation and as featured in the cuisine workshops designed by a professional chef to pamper your body and mind throughout the entire stay.

Trapani Airport
The ideal collection time from Trapani Airport is 4.30 on Saturday. Please inform your flight itineraries upon booking.

Airport transfers
Transfer from and to Trapani Airport.
Transfer fee from and to Trapani Airport is included in the price.
You may also request for transfer from and to Palerme Punta Raisi Airport for an additional fee of 50 EUR.

Maximum 12 persons.
This allows for us to give a lot of personal attention to each student's development.

Course information
Our yoga teacher speaks four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish. Yoga classes are mainly in English with the possibility of classes available in other languages according to our guests needs.

Additional information
For more information ask your questions directly to Yala Collective who will be happy to assist you.