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A Therapeutic Yoga Weekend

This event is idea of both students and teachers. The workshop is both Asana and Lecture and is worth 10.5 credits of CEU. You can attend the workshop in part of in full. The workshop is Therapeutic in the application of Ayurveda and the component of seeing the elements, Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether in the human body, and how to balance them.


Inspiration Hall at Paradise Cove (East End, St. Thomas, USVI)275492
East End, Charlotte Amaile St Thomas, VI

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  • Workshop

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Nov 21 to
Nov 23
11:00 amto07:00 am

Join Robin Buck E-RYT 500 for a weekend of Yoga. We are all made up of the 5 elements, Earth - Fire - Water - Air and Ether and this weekend is about understanding a little more fully how the elements combine or resist combining and their manifestation in the body & mind.

The weekend is broken down into three parts, it is ideal for both student and teachers, especially those who are looking for a deeper connection between the physical and emotional body. This weekend will be therapeutic in the sense that its application will be focused around the doshas (constitutions). The Practices will be aimed at bringing each one into a harmonious state.

FRIDAY 6-8:30PM $40
Find the connection between the upper and lower spine. Let's see how Heaven and Earth the focus will be around the sacrum and the cranium with particular emphasis on the SI joints, psoas and periformis. We will take a look at the element of water and use it to soften. The practice will be around the fluidity of movement and will be balancing with respect to the intense nature of fire or Pitta.

The Practice of engaging produces lightness. Learn how to bend backward through the actions of bending forward.
Yoga is seeing the oppositions and blending them so that we feel whole and balanced. The paradox of Strong and Light will be felt in this session. We will bring stability to the low back by engaging the abdominal wall and find the important engagements in the arms and legs to support the shoulders and hips in order to safely and effectively open the heart. We will use the stablizing nature of earth and begin to lighten it up a bit with air and ether. This will be balancing for Kapha as we will emphasize letting go of attachments and finding freedom and trust in opening the heart in a very generous way.

Free up the connective tissue and find the release of the subtle energies. Whether it is physical or emotional, let's free it up! This session will be about support and deep connective tissue is the support system that holds the body together. It is also where emotions and sensations are stored. This practice will bring opening to the fascia through a combination of joint freeing and rolling out areas for deep tissue release. It will move into grounding restorative postures and yoga nidra. This practice will be balancing for Vata.


It is a gift to you and to those around you to take this time to enrich, enhance and nurture yourself! It is ideal to attend the full workshop at discounted fee of $180 or open to attend per session. Please contact Laura at 808-728-2800 or to register!



You can pay per session, Friday pm $40 Saturday $80 and Sunday $80,
Save by attending workshop in full.

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Inspiration Hall at Paradise Cove (East End, St. Thomas, USVI)