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Activate: Vitality, Abundance & Soul Purpose: Ayurvedic Yoga & Energy He

Are you ready to be free from your past and create a life in alignment with your soul’s purpose?

Can you imagine living from a clear and centered space with a nervous system that feels resourced and rejuvenated?

Break through blockages that are keeping you spinning in circles.


Santa Cruz La Laguna, Paxanax, Lake Atitlan GT 5002709

Type of Event

  • Retreat

Yoga Styles



Nov 24 to
Dec 1
15:00 pmto11:00 am



Full Description

This retreat experience merges working: somatically through yoga, Ayurveda, movement and dance; energetically with Energy Healing techniques and facilitated healings; experientially with daily ritual and sacred ceremony; and through the powerful dynamic of being with like-hearted individuals.

You’ll come away with the tools you need to make healthier choices unique to your Ayurvedic constitution, and master your mental and emotional blind spots.

Let’s get you living a life YOU love and feeling inspired and whole.

I will guide you to …

-Realize your essential nature (dosha/ mind-body type) through Ayurveda
-Create a unique and specific sustainable self-care routine
-Clear blockages in your energy field that are keeping you stuck (low energy, excess weight, self sabotage, negative self-talk)
-Align your energy with your deeper intentions for your life
-Develop a loving relationship with the parts of yourself you don’t like
-Connect to your inner knowing and guidance for clarity and inspiration
-Reclaim your energy and clear exhaustion or depletion
-Reprogram your neuropathways and liberate yourself from past negative conditioning to be free of limiting behaviours and beliefs
-Develop resiliency to navigate life challenges from an empowered place