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Adi-Yoga Immersion Retreat

Adi-Yoga is an authentic system of Kundalini Hatha Yoga that gives great health and spiritual benefits to the practitioner. It was organized and refined by the great Mahasiddha Matsyendra Natha (3102 BCE). This one week course in Adi-Yoga will immerse the participant in the spectrum of practices and principles of the system.


Trika Eco Resort (Kailash Akhara)
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134-135 Moo 3, Phu Ruea Loei Province, TH 42160
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  • Retreat

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Feb 23 to
Mar 2
01:00 amto05:00 am

We encourage guests to arrive the day prior to provide ample time to rest and settle in.



Full Description

The week’s course will contain the following elements:

Adi-Yoga Classes

Senior Teachers of Adi-Yoga will lead morning group practice sessions. These classes are designed to give the student a well-rounded experience of Adi-Yoga practice without excessive verbal instruction. They give the student a tangible sense of the awarenesses, principles and techniques that give Adi-Yoga its distinctive character. The classes demonstrate how Adi-Yoga seamlessly weaves together asana, pranayama, bandha, mudra, chanting, yoga nidra, and meditation (kriya yoga, mantra yoga, non-conceptual) resulting in abiding calm, openness, a deep sense of self-possession and spiritual upliftment.

Daily Technique Seminar

In the daily technique seminar students will have time to focus on and explore techniques from the wide range of Adi-Yoga practices. Part of each day’s technique seminar will involve the whole class in learning, analyzing and practicing various techniques core to the system of Adi-Yoga. Students will also learn individually about the techniques that are of special interest to them as the teachers move about the practice hall. The physical cueing as well as the physical, energetic and spiritual effects of the practices will be described in detail.

Yoga Nidra

There will be a daily class in Yoga Nidra, the science of “Yogic Sleep”. This Tantrik Yoga practice can be used to gain deep relaxation and revitalization as well as spiritual progress and release of deep-seated karmas.

Q & A

There will be two evening Q & A sessions to clarify any confusion about the practices and theory of Adi-Yoga and to explore any historical, philosophical, textual or spiritual questions that may arise during the retreat.

Note: This week long retreat (along with Gate 1 & 2 Trainings) will count towards the pre-requisites needed to apply for Adi-Yoga Instructor Training Courses.


Classes will take place in the beautiful “Maha Bodhi Sri Macchanda Natha Yoga Mandir”, the largest dedicated yoga practice hall in the world. This open aired mandir consists of hard-wood floors, vaulted ceilings and is home to an exquisite life size statue of Matsyendra Natha.


All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced.